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The Benefits of Owning Luxury Designer Watches

There are two kinds of people when it comes to wrist watches: those who are proud owners of the luxury designed ones, and those who only can dream about them. Yes, expensive and luxury watches have been considered as a sign of someone’s style and social status through the history, which is the main reason why not all people are in the position to have them. But, it is not only about the personal status and style. Here are some of the biggest benefits of owning luxury designer watches.

First of all, buying these items can be considered as a great investment. Why? Simply because these gadgets not only retain their initial value, but their cost becomes higher with the passage of time. Of course, we are not talking about watches you can buy in a gift shop or at Amazon for less than $10. This would be possible only with watches that are really rare, unusual and expensive.

If your first reason for buying these luxury gadgets is to make money in future, then you have to know certain things. Probably the most important thing you should bear in your mind here is that almost every new watch will lose its value immediately after you step out of the store. And the worst thing here is that you cannot do anything about it. Like all other products on the planet, new wrist watches also lose their values after you unpack them. However, it may not be true for the branded luxury watches.

Rolex Tudor Submariner is a great example. As you already know, you could get it for $1.000 or even less, depending on the retail store. If you were lucky enough to have been able to get it, you can now sell it for maybe upto to $5.000! Of course, the final price depends on many factors, such as serial number and additional features. All in all, this is one of the examples why owning luxury design watches can be very rewarding. And not to mention rarer models, for which collectors are willing to spend a fortune to get them.

Here is one tip. According to the experts, if you want to make such investment, you should choose only mechanical watches, because they don’t lose value with time. As we said, this is especially true for watches that are produced under the Tudor label (Rolex’s brand). Of course, you will not make a mistake  if you opt for the Patek Philippe’s luxury items.

However, the major benefit of having these luxury brands is your personal satisfaction. Purchasing them as an investment is one thing, and owning them for your personal reason is something completely different. Wearing some of these watches means that you take care about your personal style and attitude. In this way, you are sending the message that you a person who stands out from the crowd and mediocrity. After all, everyone can have wristwatches and tell you the exact time. But only owners of these luxury designed watches can tell you the exact time with a style. And this is a huge difference.


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