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How to Take Clenbuterol to Lose Weight 6 Steps to STAY SAFE

Written by Brenna Thompson

There are standard minimum and maximum dosage recommendations for Clen which majority of the people follow. But in the middle of the cycle the dosage that must be increased step by step should be designed particularly for every individual and that should also depend on type of cycle.

When it comes to fat loss, Clen- a bronchodilator can be utilized by both men and women. But to avoid negative effects dosing schedule must be designed and followed properly. If used improperly and irresponsibly, Clen may result in side effects. However, one can take some precautions to prevent insomnia and jitters. Talk to your medical health practitioner now.

Dosage for beginners:

The minimum dose is same for all irrespective of the experience. Even though the user is beginner or he is experienced veteran the starting dose is same. 40 mcg a day should be the starting dose of Clen for men and women is suggested to start with 20 mcg of this Beta-2 stimulator.

Both these above mentioned doses are considered mild and quite low. It is recommended to take Clen in early morning either it is pill or liquid. It can also be taken just before workout. One may experience sleep disturbances if taken later in the day.

Negative effects must be observed when the dosage of the Clen is started. If not experienced any side effects and user gets a confidence that he can tolerate the dose then after 3 -4 days he can increase the dose by 20 mcg a day.  Compared men women react greatly for Clen. That is why there should be close monitoring for women about negative effects of Clen.

Higher dose:

140 mcg a day is the maximum recommended dose for men.  For women it must be 100 mcg a day. Taking higher than this dose will result in harmful side effects. Some may experience tremors and shakes. In women they can go up to 140 mcg in case they want but it is not needed.

One who takes more than 140 mcg a day may experience issues related to cardiac hypertrophy. This will be resulted even when Clen is taken for long term. In this condition there will be enlargement of ventricles. This may result in strain and stress on heart.

If an individual reaches more than 200 mcg then there will be high risk of negative effects. That is why high doses of Clen must be avoided.

Clen in cutting cycle:

Clen is considered as Beta-2 agonist. That tells that it acts by binding to beta-2 receptors and can stimulate nervous system directly. But to prevent Beta-2 receptors over stimulation body has several feedback loops. This leads to development of tolerance.

That is why by the time body gets adapted to the current dose one should plan for increase in dose. But this increase must happen gradually and dosage depends on the type of cycle followed. It is better to follow a 2 week on or 2 weeks off cycle along with incrementing the dose gradually.

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