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Formal Shoes- Every Man must have in his Closet

Formal shoes leave an everlasting impression on the interviewer as well as on your date. Formal shoes or dress shoes will never go out of style. There are various styles of formal shoes for mens that are available online. Men can easily check out different styles and designs as per one’s tastes and preferences while browsing formal shoes from online shopping websites.  But it is very essential to choose wisely because the style of formal shoes worn can make or break the outfit. It is thus very important for men to own a diverse variety of shoes with different styles and match up with their outfit for different occasions.

  1. Black Leather Oxford-

These formal shoes should be the most important kind of shoes every man should own and should be on their priority list. These shoes work at every formal event from a meeting to a presentation. Oxfords are worn best with business suits and professional attires. These shoes add a lot of formal look quotient to the outfit worn.

  1. Tan Derbies-

Tan Derbies work well with grey or navy suits. They are the best kind of shoes for dates or semi-formal meetings/events where one wants to create a good impression.

  1. Slip-On-

Slip-on moves down the formal quotient a little. Slip on or loafers give a wide range of usage. Penny Loafers are the most popular formal loafers. These shoes provide comfort and work well with a lightweight linen suit or a button-downed shirt with chinos.

  1. Leather Boots-

These shoes are rugged as well as formal. This makes them a great option to pair with any kind of outfits. One should own at least one pair of leather boots due to versatility. Chelsea boots are the best of the leather boots as they are elastic and give a comforting support.

  1. Brown Leather Brogue-

It is a staple shoe, and a man should have a pair of brogues at every point of his life. When other shoes don’t match the outfit, a pair of Brogue will come to the rescue and make the outfit look even better giving it a clean look.

  1. Whole cut Leather Shoes-

These shoes are not necessary but surely ramp up your style. These shoes are very elegant due to their narrow shape, clean lines, and clean surface. The upper part of the shoes is made of one piece of leather. These shows can be worn best with suits and jeans.

  1. Monk Straps-

These shoes give a modern look and have either single or double straps.

  1. Longwings-

They are the modern version of brogues. The wingtip is extended around the shoes and meets at the back. These may be a tad casual but look the best with formals.

  1. Moccasins-

These shoes are comfortable and look stylish. These shoes are flexible, so even if a dog chases you while you just get out of the meeting, you are assured that you won’t have shoe bites and will be able to run away easily.

There is no rule to create a perfect collection of shoes, but one should be aware of the stylesand buy shoes that match their outfits better than the rest outfit. These mentioned shoe styles will bring the most out from their look.

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