Your Guide To Purchasing Apt Wind Resistant Umbrellas

On stormy and rainy days, you simply cannot think of stepping out of the home without an umbrella in hand! However, to brace thundershower or a stormy weather just any umbrella will not fit the bill, for sure. You will need to buy a model that can be used without fuss in high wind and rain. Regular umbrellas are incapable of coping with high wind gusts. Thankfully, you can look for windproof umbrella models these days. Available for both genders, these models are specially developed for resisting high wind and storm, along with rain.

Buying suitable wind resistant umbrellas

Whether you go to shops or check out the online stores for wind resistant umbrella models, picking the right one is never easy! There are so many brands and they all have several such models in their portfolio. To ensure you get the right windproof umbrella, analyze the following factors while shopping for one:

  • The fabric- The canopy fabric in umbrellas is made with water repellent materials. However, wind resistant modules have vents within 2 pieces of fabric. This lets the wind glide through and the umbrella does not get flipped inside out in high wind.
  • Shape of canopy- While you may think all umbrellas have same shaped canopy that is not always the case. Windproof umbrella models from top brands have a canopy that is aerodynamically shaped. This helps the wind pass through the sides of canopy without flipping it out.
  • Rugged inner frame- The frame on which the canopy suits also plays a role in resisting high wind and heavy rain, as it is. Plastic frame and rid based umbrella will not be able to withstand gusts of strong winds and they flip out easily. Steel based ribs and frames are best to resist wind and storm. However, fiberglass rib based units are also good in this regard. Both steel and fiberglass have their advantages. Steel is more durable while fiberglass is more flexible to use.

What else to look for

For some people, using different umbrellas in different seasons is not a problem. However, there are others who dislike the concept of using too many accessories for the same needs. If you happen to be one of them buy an umbrella that resists storm and has other features to be used all over the year. Look for the below listed features when you want to buy an umbrella that offers good wind resistance and also copes well with sun and monsoon.

  • Inner UV repellent coating- Look for umbrellas that have UV proof layer on inner side. This ensures you can use the model in scorching summer months.
  • Easy fold mechanism- A wind resistant umbrella need not be cumbersome to use. So, you should check if the model selected by you can be opened and closed quickly. A couple of folds and switch press mechanism would be good.
  • Warranty- Wind resistant umbrellas will cost you more than regular ones. So, ensure you buy a unit that is sold with long warranty.

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