Religious Gold Coins Befitting Any Occasion

Written by Kelly Passarelly

Personalized gifts often carry a bad reputation because the first thing that comes to mind when you think personalized is, tacky bracelets, boring picture frames or the done-to-death mugs. Not only are they a waste of money but the recipient also tends to soon discard them, as it just seems to clutter up their house. This season, think out of the box and gift your loved ones, family and friends something that they will never forget. Receiving a well thought out gift can make the day of the recipient and ensure they will cherish it for the rest of their lives. If you know of someone who’s going through a hard time or you feel the need to remind someone of your affection towards him or her, look no further than the IBJA online gold store.  

The commotion at the stores where waiting in the queue might be quite a hassle, so the concept of an online gold store is not only a time saving but also a hassle free process.  IBJA believe that your jewellery is more than just accessories and more often than not, are an extension of your personality. Their range of products especially religious gold coins is uniquely positioned to cater to both stylish men and women. Boasting of the highest levels of craftsmanship, excellent design and over 500 ready designs across categories like Alphabets, Numeric, Zodiac Signs, Devotion, Pride of India, their religious gold coins make the ideal gift be it any occasions, Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Housewarming or Farewell that will send a little love from you to them. The IBJA online gold store houses high-quality jewellery and accessories with strikingly exquisite designs guaranteed to capture your mind and hearts in equal measure.

From traditional handcrafting to latest digital technologies, their religious gold coins bearing a motif of holy deities such as Lord Hanuman, Lord Radhe Krishna, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Laxmi, Lord Srinathji which are highly revered in Hinduism which will surely turn every occasion into beautiful moments. Moreover, all their religious gold coins are available in the denomination of 5 gms and above and have 995 purity which is regarded as 24 karats in India. Every single coin is beautifully designed to suit any mood and occasion. For those who want to take it one step further, they also craft bespoke and personalised coins, wherein you can even get your photographs printed, messages engraved or something else that helps lend it a personal touch. Additionally, you also have the option to get these coins in any other metal such as silver that is equally visually stunning and inspirational.

Besides the years of experience and timeless creations, IBJA has managed to generate a vast fan following and a loyal customer base amongst customers across the globe owing to their willingness and ability to empower the consumers through transparency, fair trade practice and impeccable customer service. If you are wondering about the authenticity of their gold, fret not as all their coins come along with a certificate of authenticity that mentions the purity and grammage (weight).



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