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Unique Advantages of a Spray Tan

There are many reasons to go with an artificial tan. Aside from the fact damaging sun exposure is avoided, anyone can do it and do so for a variety of different reasons and occasions. For example, it may be you simply want a nice tan for your own reasons. This is perfectly fine and you deserve to have what you want without the premature aging effects of prolonged sun exposure. Other people also want to avoid the premature aging factor, but they do the Spray Tan for different reasons like acting roles or doing physique competitions like bodybuilding or beauty contests.

Regardless of the reasoning, the airbrush and spray tans are the most efficient, even and natural looking. Only after one week will they begin to fade. They can be done from a booth or from direct airbrush, the latter being preferred because it is better for detail when booths have a tendency to leave darker skin in the wrong areas, creating an unwelcome contrast when the whole body looks like a tanned aberration. So, for best results, pick airbrush spraying directly from a living human being.

While you are at it, understand that is does take a window of time for the tan to process, after it’s applied, so it’s best to know what solution you are choosing. Most salons offer a standard 8 hour formula or an express option. The express option cuts the time in half but does as you wear it, you are getting darker, so timing is everything when it comes to an express tan. Your technician will advise you on how long to wear to get the look intended. If you use a top-quality solution, fading is gradual and the tan can last up to a week or more. A Spray Tan can be very detailed, offering you the option to create a unique tan to show off your fit bits and hide any existing flab. This is a standard part of Hollywood makeup indeed. With weekly visits, you can get the year round tan envied by all. Everyone will want to know your secret.

So what are you waiting for? If you have used other methods, surely you are aware of the splotchy, unnatural colors which can occur. Much of this depends on body chemistry or just pure application of the wrong product. This is the reason cosmetology is a science and an art.

In order to get the best results, before the tan it is good to take a thorough body cleaning, complete with gentle exfoliation (body scrub) and hair removal. Do not put on any moisturizers or makeup. Anything that creates a barrier on the skin or a chemical reaction will interfere with the solution and will either block it from being fully effective or cause discoloration. Keeping it simple will result in the best, longest lasting tan you can achieve.

Don’t be shy, bare it all to avoid tan lines.. That way, you get a true total body tan with no evidence. People will think it’s all natural. Take full advantage of what you can get with a good Spray Tan. The results are not permanent, but they sure are highly realistic.

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