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22 Bio Lab Exotique super honest review

Beauty editors aren’t exactly known to be brand loyal. In fact, very few can name more than one product they’ve been in a monogamous relationship with for more than a few months. It’s not that we’re fickle by nature. It’s just that by the time we hit the bottom of our must-have jar of night cream, there’s a new one we’re bound to fall in love with waiting for us. (Life’s rough, we know.) We’re telling you all this only to highlight the importance of the products that do make it into our regular rotation—the ones that don’t get replaced by the latest and greatest, but our one true (beauty) loves. This month, we’re sharing all of our product love stories. Enjoy!

I’ve already professed my love for Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, and while I continue to be faithful, there is another product in my life. Shhh, don’t tell Charlotte. I’ve been smitten with Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil ($95) for almost as long as I’ve been a beauty editor. I remember the first time I laid eyes on its lilac packaging and glittery, gold formula. It was like love at first sight. (I’m a sucker for packaging.)

I twisted open the bottle and used the dropper to delicately apply its contents on my hands and along my arms. It was then I first felt the warm, earthy aroma flood my senses. This oil smells so good. A mix of young bamboo, green tea, and camellia oil—an ingredient in my favourite hair product as well—the scent is meant to transport you to the Kyoto countryside. And that’s exactly what it does. Well, I’ve never been to a Kyoto countryside, but I can easily imagine myself there when I have Tatcha’s oil in tow.

It’s an incredible multitasker as you can use it on your face, body, and hair. I mostly rub it all over my body. It’s super light, never greasy, but shockingly rich all at the same time. The mixture is enriched with liquorice root extract to calm your skin (perfect for the winter months), and the camellia oil and squalane oil nourish, protect, and seal in moisture. The fanciest part? It comes complete with 24-karat gold flakes in each bottle to give your skin a sensual glow. I especially love to use it on my neck, shoulders, and décolleté for a subtle, sexy shimmer. Think about it this way: gold flecks + moisture + incredible scent = the best possible product known to mankind.  

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