5 Things To Do When Planning A Wedding


Planning your wedding reception is a big deal and while saying those two important words, ‘I do’ are more important, what follows after that huge commitment is another bigger commitment where you have to provide a day to remember for you as a couple, your family and your guests. Planning your wedding reception is a great opportunity to celebrate the big day properly and to have lots of fun. Here are a few things that you need to do to make sure your wedding goes off with a bang.

  1. Entertainment – Are you planning a live band or a disco type thing? The music and general entertainment you put on for the day has a big effect on the wedding atmosphere. Some people consider having a harpist or a guitarist playing during the meal to cover the background noises of people eating and drinking. Make sure whatever you decide that the type of entertainment matches the type of people you are inviting to this event.
  2. Correct Lighting – The lighting, especially if you are the bride, is a very important part of the reception. It sets the tone for the whole wedding and allows you to highlight the things you want people to notice and to spend time looking at. You need the right type of light for a particular room in order to make it appear bigger or to make it appear more comfortable and relaxing.
  3. Provide Comfort – The people you invite to your reception will be of all ages. There will be kids, people the same age as you and elderly people like your grandparents and their friends and you need to have somewhere where they can all relax that is maybe not in the same place as they ate. Maybe a lounge area in the main bar or a totally separate room where they can relax until the reception room is cleared of dinner tables and everyone can return to the band and some music and dancing.
  4. The Best Food – Making sure that you provide the best food should be right up there on your list. Thankfully, many wedding receptions in Sydney are a common thing as it is a very popular city to get married in. Many venues have masses of experience with great menus that your invited guests will talk about many years after the big day. Everyone likes a little bit of food in the evening when the alcohol is flowing, so make sure you provide some finger food for that time also.
  5. Create An Atmosphere – Making your guests comfortable is important and so try to consider them throughout the day. Make sure the parking area is close to the reception area and if it isn’t maybe a few decorated electric golf carts can ferry them there. It all adds atmosphere to the wedding reception and adds a little of you and your partner’s personality to the occasion.

Planning your big day doesn’t have to be difficult and stressful and if you take the advice that has been offered to you then I can assure you of a memorable day for many years to come. Good luck to you both.