5 Tips if you are planning a destination wedding


Destination weddings have become very popular the last years, specially for couples looking for a unforgettable, unique and tailored wedding day.

A destination wedding gives you the opportunity to say “I do” anywhere in the world without limits and also to combined the marriage ceremony to the honeymoon.

Here you have some tips if you are planning a destination wedding:

  • Small guest list: the best thing about a destination wedding is that you can keep the guest list small and you don’t have to invite everyone you know. Usually the destination weddings are intimate ceremonies, the bride and groom and only close friends and family members, this give the couple the chance to spend quality time with their guests before, during and after the ceremony. Considering that guests are expected to pay their own travel and accommodation you should invite only your closest friend and family members, the key people in your life. The best thing is that you can share with them lot of your time.
  • Choosing the location: listen to your heart and choose a location that makes your dreams come true. If you always imagine getting married on a sandy beach but you live in a big city you only have to find the perfect place that can fix also to your budget. Just forget the formalities and focus on what you really want. The destination weddings are completely customizable, from the type of the ceremony to the location. So try to find that location that has sentimental value for both of you or maybe just a place you always wanted to visit.
  • Wedding planner: Many resorts all over the world offer destination wedding packages and also wedding planners or coordinators who can help couples to plan from abroad the wedding of their dreams and can keep organized every detail during the big day. They also help you to stay on budget, and don’t think it’s not affordable because destination weddings can be surprisingly cheaper than a traditional wedding. In addition to being less expensive, destination weddings can be more relaxed as they are typically smaller and are much simpler to plan.
  • Hired a Destination wedding videographers: it’s really important to capture your wedding day and every single memory of you and your loved ones. Destination wedding videographers are trained to look for the best elements of each place and situation to get the best shoot possible and obviously they love to travel and they know exactly what gear to take with them. Also you don’t have to choose only between the local vendors but you can pick your favorite videographer to ensure you will have the style and the film you want. With a destination wedding videographer, you can have much more than just the wedding day, you can ask him to make some shooting on the next day to have an extra video of both of you in a romantic situation on amazing locations or if you are planning some exiting tours with your friends and family he can capture all this experiences.
  • The Weather: last but not least the weather is a very important aspect. Maybe you have only time during winter to get married but your dreaming wedding is during a summer beach day so you can choose a location on the other hemisphere where the sun shines all day and you can have you big day as you wanted to.