Beachwear Trends of 2017


When someone thinks of summer, she automatically thinks of the warm rays of the sun and going to a local beach. Every year there are different beachwear trends for women and buying beachwear is a necessity in summer fashion. This year, the trends are only slightly different, but enough to make an investment.

Whether you’re migrating to a warmer hemisphere during the winter months or are looking for an adorable suit before summer ends, in this article we’ll give you the hottest fashion scoop in women’s beachwear.

Bold Prints and Patterns

Last year, we saw a trend in wearing tropical fruits on beachwear. This year, bolder prints have been scooped up and applied to a plethora of summer fashions. From one-piece suits to tankinis and bikinis, colourful and intricate designs have taken the runway by storm. Moroccan- and Cancun-inspired prints have been applied with tropical colour schemes to fuse festive fashions.

Kaftan Cover Ups

For those who are bolder, no longer do you have to settle for a monotone sarong. While they may work for some, a bolder statement must be made by fashionistas. Tropical inspired Kaftans have come back into fashion and provide breezy comfort for summertime lounging. With an array of culturally-driven designs to choose from, there’s no way you can pass up one of these beauties.

BoHo Beauties

BoHo dresses are yet another type of beach cover-up that has slowly made its way into style. While BoHo styles previously incorporated more earthy tones, vibrancy is a key term for 2016 beachwear. From rainforest-inspired rainbow prints to simple chrysanthemum-print tops, there’s a floral style for everyone to enjoy.

Sandals for the Sand

Uncomfortable flip-flops that burn your feet are a thing of the past and it’s time to move onto classier and comfier styles. Many sandal types for 2016 are gladiator inspired, but trends from the 90s are being infused into today’s styles such as platform wedges and pretty pastels. To make it modern, bedazzle and bows are popular sandal accessories.

Kimono Creations

Since 2015, Kimonos have been taken by the wind and blown into daily fashion, including swimwear. Whether your plan is to wear jean shorts and a tank or hang out in your bikini, a Kimono is a beachwear fashion staple of 2016. They’re halfway between a full cover-up and not covering up at all, allowing there to be something for everyone’s level of comfort.

Adorable Accessories

Fashion would be nothing without the accessories to bring together the masterpiece. For jewellery, leaves and feathers bring together the worlds of nature and fashion while big-brimmed hats combine practicality with beauty. Don’t forget a matching handbag to store all of your summer essentials such as sunblock, sunglasses, and a healthy snack!

For some, the warm weather is a lifestyle where shopping for the occasion never ends. There’s nothing more fun than staying on top of swimwear trends and having a reason to splurge on new accessories! Although some trends like boho and bold prints are timeless and are staple pieces that you can never go wrong choosing.