Different Kinds and Characteristics Fabric


Not everyone knows that the fabric has a number of different kinds and characteristics. Because of its characteristics that each fabric also has different uses. If you want to order a custom fabric printing, make your own printed fabric, buy clothes, or use a convection to produce clothes, there is nothing wrong knowing the kind of fabric and its characteristics. So once the clothes are used comfortable to use. Here are some kinds of fabrics and their characteristics:

Cotton Fabrics

This kind of fabric is usually widely used for materials making clothes, tops and more. Fabric with cotton fiber base material has several advantages which can be easily to print, absorbs sweat, feels cool and comfortable to use. But this cotton fabric also has a deficiency that is easily tangled, easy to dull or damaged, and thin. This cotton fabric is suited to use as a material for making uniforms, shirts, and other tops. Cotton fabrics also have various types. Starting from a cheap price with a less good quality to a more expensive price that is more durable when used for the manufacture of clothing. Currently you are able to order print textile cotton fabric on custom.com.hk without minimum order.

Cotton Combed Fabrics

This combed cotton is also a material that is the base material of fine cotton fibers. This combed cotton fabric is often used for making t-shirts. The types are also various and different quality ranging from 20s, 24s, up to 30s. Each type of cotton combed fabric also has different characteristics. Usually for standard t-shirts distro using 24s fabric as its base material. 24s cotton combed fabric is considered to have top quality and durable.

Cotton Carded

Cotton carded fabric is usually often used as an alternative material for making clothes if you want to obtain a cheap price. Compared cotton combed, cotton carded has a cheap price. If cotton combed thicker then the cotton carded is thinner. Usually used to produce promotional shirts, party shirts and t-shirts with a small budget.

Currently you are able to order custom fabric printing on custom.com.hk. You can make print fabric pattern special with your design. You can create the fabric with the specific design even only for 1 meter length. With fabric that design can be customized, you are free to make fashion product (shirt, jacket, tie, etc) up to accessories (pillow, pouch, cnvas, tote bag, goodie bag, gordyn, tablecloth, etc)