Exchanging Vows Onboard On Your Wedding Cruise


Imagine exchanging vows under the beautiful sky, where the sparkling blue sea lights up your eyes. What else can be more romantic than this? Every bride wants her wedding to be extraordinary and romantic. If you are getting married, you might want to consider having the most memorable one at the most exotic locale like the Newport Beach or a Long Beach wedding being on top of your list.

One can find all the finery and magnificence you have always imagined having on your wedding, especially on a cruise. Its romantic, it’s fascinating and has everything you could ask for. What’s more, everything on your wedding cruise is managed by the well trained staff, which takes care of every bit without having the prospective brides and grooms worry about anything.

What do we love about a cruise wedding?

  •  Beautiful surrounding – Excellent location gives pleasure to the couple as well as the guests, not to forget the photos turn out simply superb.
  •  Everything is taken care of – Once you’re there, you’re there. Your guests, the food and preparations are in perfect harmony.
  •  It’s not just a wedding; it is also like honeymoon – all in one!

What Makes A Cruise Wedding So Special

Cruising on the open water and getting married can be out and out romantic. While your guests are relaxing on the deck, you get to share quality time with friends and family on your special day, with a spirit of adventure. That’s not all; great food and free flowing drinks are a deadly combination that makes your guests happier to join you on your wedding day. Together, having a cruise wedding is an excellent way to celebrate this special day with your sweetheart.

How Can Cruise Planners Help?

The food, drinks, and decorations are typically taken care by the cruise company. They do it all! Everything is tailor-made according to your specific wishes in the perfect venue. Be it the Newport Beach, or any other destination. While you’re on the cruise, it is ensured that the event leaves away wonderful memories of this special day in everyone’s mind. This gives you enough opportunity to focus on spending quality time with your family.

What Do You Take Away?

Celebrating those first few moments as the newlyweds on the cruise while the sun slowly dips is really a golden moment. Getting an experienced planner can make all your dreams come true. If it’s an evening wedding, you’ll be happier to dance under the stars with splendid views and having your wedding kiss on the open waters. You can also sail away on your honeymoon immediately post the wedding. Taking help from a professional planner will ensure a worry-free planning experience with expert guidance and proper recommendation for your wedding. Planning a cruise wedding will create life long memories for both of you, your families, as well as your guests.

Things To Keep In Mind

  •  Select the location before you finalize a wedding date
  •  Book your wedding cruise and packages well in advance.
  •  Coordinate with a professional wedding planner to ensure everything goes smoothly.
  •  Start working and planning out the little details well in advance
  •  Make your first deposit as early as you can to get the cruise line booked for your D-day
  •  Make sure the cruise line you choose provide all the amenities you’d wish for your dream wedding.

A cruise is hence a unique and extra-ordinary place for your wedding. If you don’t wish to get married on the ship, you can consider the cruise for your wedding reception. Cruises around Newport Beach have multiple options available for you to have a customized wedding that would make it all the more special for you.