Facial surgery procedures from ADONIS

Facial surgery


Face and appearance is the name card of your personality. High class face care for beauty and youthfulness provides you with the feeling of self-confidence and self-love.

Together with ADONIS Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures you will have the opportunity to reach your long-awaited dreams and changes.

Wide variety of options

Each request and demand is granted by ADONIS Medical Group of Companies. We provide the widest variety of Facial Plastic Surgery with professional lead-up and rehabilitation recommendations.

Face and neck lifting, rhino- and otoplasty, chin endoprosthetics – we ensure only high quality medical treatment from the experienced specialists of the field.

Effectiveness of the plastic surgery

ADONIS clinics are the medical establishments with long-term experience, renowned reputation and approved effectiveness.

We understand that every case is unique and special, that’s why the individually adapted treatment plans are selected by ADONIS doctors for every patient.

ADONIS ‘own laboratory is equipped with world manufactured machines, lasers, test providers and all necessary items for the high class examination process.

Effectiveness of ADONIS Plastic surgery is confirmed by beautiful results and happy reviews of our patients. Well-developed complex of treatment measures – rigorous examination, qualified surgery process, controlled rehabilitation and results maintenance – all possible efforts are directed toward your best results!

To avoid possible complications or undesirable effects, ADONIS doctors always examine the case history of the patient and prescribe a set of exams to be sure of the safety and effectiveness of the Plastic surgery for the person.

The main contraindications to use Plastic Surgery for facial improvements are:

  • Oncological diseases – all types (especially in case of the surgical treatment for breast shape or size changes)
  • Diabetes – any form
  • Hemophilic processes
  • Allergic reactions to medications
  • Infection related diseases – all types
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Age under 18

All the above mentioned factors can affect the whole body and body systems during the Plastic surgery treatment, that’s why the qualified doctors carefully examine each case to make your treatment of the best safety and pleasure.

ADONIS service 

We in ADONIS creates an environment that makes you feel comfortable and peaceful, because one of the main guarantees of successful result and rehabilitation is the patient’s well-being.

ADONIS provide the high class services among which are:

  • perfect accommodations and hospital stay
  • 2nd free medical opinion
  • professional medical lead up for the duration of rehabilitation
  • booking services support
  • airport-hotel-airport transfer
  • translation services
  • 24/7 concierge service and informational support

Both medical and non-medical services are provided for each patient who has chosen ADONIS Plastic surgery Programs and who are ready to change their lives.

Great results are waiting nearby. Choose ADONIS and feel the comfort, safety and qualification of your own experience. Beauty and youthfulness for everyone without borders and limits – ADONIS Facial surgery.