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Genius Ways to Maintain a Leather Wallet Listen Up

Maybe you just purchased a brand new leather wallet, and want to keep it in tiptop shape. Or, maybe you have had a leather wallet for many years; and you want to “bring your wallet back to life”. whatever the case might be there is a variety of ways that you can maintain your leather wallet, while not breaking your budget.

This first way is actually often overlooked by many people that own a leather wallet. At the end of the day when you get home from a brutal day of work. Simply take your wallet out, grab a damp washcloth and just give the the wallet a wipe down. This will take at most, two minutes, and will add at least a couple years to the lifespan of your leather wallet.

The next item of protection that can be implemented is using conditioning sprays. this process does not have to be done as frequently as the damp washcloth method. Instead, you only have to spray leather conditioner your leather wallet once or twice per year. This will ensure that your wallet will remain in decent condition, and more importantly, won’t become too dry and end up breaking, or falling apart because of that.

Avoid the back pocket! Many people store their wallet in their back pocket. But, they don’t understand the damage this does to both; their wallet and their actual body. First the wallet, when it comes to the constant pressure of your wallet from sitting then standing all day long, the wallet will become worn out much quicker than if it had been stored in a side pocket. Also, many people overlook the fact that having your wallet in your back pocket for extended periods of time, can actually result in back trouble. For instance, because your wallet will elevate half of your body a half an inch to a full inch higher, your back will remain crooked for as long as you’re sitting. Bottom line is, instead of storing your wallet in your back pocket, get in the habit of storing it in a side pocket.

The fourth and final tip to maintaining your leather wallet is to “purchase quality”. For example, if you purchase a leather wallet from your local flea market, don’t expect the wallet to last you more than six months. Where on the the other hand, if you purchase a wallet from a trust, high quality source such as, Boconiyou can expect your wallet to last you many years (maybe even a full lifetime).

If you follow the four tips I have mentioned in this “how to” you can expect your wallet to last you a very long time. Its all you have to do is make sure you are diligent in the process of maintaining the wallet.

Thanks for reading! Make sure to stop back soon to see more killer content, on how to protect your leather wallet from the wear and tear it will endure on a daily basis!


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