Here’s how to complete your authentic flapper look


The amazing flapper style clothing is back again, favored as always. If you want to leave an impression, is there a better way than with the flapper dress style? Actually, not just the dress style, but everything from the 20s is super-stylish and incredibly attention-seeking in a polite, yet stern way.

In order to be a proper out-of-20s flapper fashionista, you must have the right dresses. Now, don’t expect nudity or provocative clothing – the dresses are knee length and even if there is a cleavage, it’s showing just a little bit of skin. Of course, the flapper style clothing must be embellished with lace, sequins, chiffon, flowers, satin, fringes, shimmery patches, interesting hemlines and more. Rich choice for a lush look.

A flapper dress style won’t be complete without the right shoes. This challenge might be bigger than the first one; a dress can always be bought or made, but the unique ‘flapper’ shoes are hard to find. Don’t try to ruin the gorgeous vintage look with modern stilettos; here for this look the shoes indeed create the whole 20s charm. The shoes have to be chunky and with a medium heel, not more than that. A little hint – the shoes that resemble tap shoes will do the work.

It’s not obligatory, but it’s preferable if the flapper style clothing shows off some headbands and hats. They pair the short hair/bobbed hair perfectly for a complete and elegant look. Those bad hair days are not a problem now, just use pins if you like and get some gazes with a nice glittery or beaded hat/headband. However, if you have the time to do the hairstyle, know that it’s a bold and drastic move, so bobbing if you’re brave, or a wig, if you’re not.

What makes the flapper style clothing so elegant and unique are also the stockings, the velvet or satin gloves, lots of feathers, gems, sequins and pearls as décor for the accessories worn, and the famous 20s makeup. Last, but not least, all women’s favorite part is the flapper makeup look. Dark eyeshadow is a must and it creates that austere facial expression. This, combined with a pale complexion and a dark crimson lipstick will surely draw attention. Heads will turn, and you’ll get all the compliments, as a real flapper femme fatale.