Shopping online – Get the perfect fit

Shopping online

When it comes to online shopping people are still getting a little paranoid over it. They are worried that the item won’t look the same as it looks in the photos, or that it won’t fit them. It’s just that you are buying something that you haven’t touched or even saw in person and it is totally normal that it may seem a little bit scary and –not trust worthy. There are actually a lot of benefits when it comes to online shopping, first of all, you will spare a lot of time and energy, since you don’t have to try anything or walk through the stores, and second, you will save a lot of money, since everything is cheaper online. And remember, if you don’t like the thing you bought, or it doesn’t fit you, you can always return or replace it with something else.

Nobody is going to rob you and nobody wants to harm you! Sellers on the internet also want happy customers who will eventually come back again and buy more, just like the ones who own real stores. Of course, it is important to always check the reliability of the website you are ordering from, you know, like checking the reviews, comments, rating etc. Maybe even ask some of your friends about their experiences with online shopping and that particular website, or they could also recommend you some sites they have been using. All in all, with this article we are going to help you to shop smart, so you will never have to worry about returns or exchanges.

Table of Contents

Know your size

The most important thing of all is that you need to know your exact size. Take a measurement tape and measure your neck, chest, waist, lower belly, hips, butt and legs. If you think that you can’t handle the measuring on your own, get a professional who does it all the time to take your measurements for you. This is a great option since the measurements are more precise when you are standing normally. If you are a man, you have to pay a special attention for a couple of areas. If you want to buy pants, you need to know your height, waist size and your hip size. As for the shirts, you will need to know your chest size, sleeve length and neck size. If you are a woman, you need to precisely measure your bust (fullest part of your chest) if you want to buy a bra. This also applies when you are shopping for plus size dresses and shirts. Measure the top of your leg and your waist if you want to buy pants – but your NATURAL WAIST, not the waist like the slimmest part of your torso, since the pants don’t really rest there. Keep your measurements up to date, basically measure yourself at least once a month. When you find your size, you will have no problems with shopping online.

The size charts

Oh you will adore them once you know your measurements. No more: oh my, is that “L” really an “L”? You simply find yourself on the chart and your job is done. This is especially important if you are shopping from retailers that have different labels and clothing manufacturers. For example, in one store the shirt can be size 8, while in another Is a 10. But pay attention is the chart clear, plain and public. If the website has custom tailored items, you will just need to fly across the sizing chart, simply to see what will fit you and what will not.

That would basically be it. The key is to know your measurements and to find a retailer you can trust, and you will fall in love with online shopping.