Top 5 Places in and around Bangalore for Corporate team outing


Planning your next corporate team outing? Whether you’re looking for a place to have a quiet dinner at or a place you can indulge in fantastic adventure sports, places in and around Bangalore cater to all kinds of occasions. Some of the best resorts in Bangalore cater to such corporate team outings specifically curating activities that they know you will enjoy. Corporate outings are somewhat of a necessity given how stressful corporate life can get. Team outings also serve as an outlet for pent up frustration and give people a chance to connect with co-workers outside of a work environment.

Let’s jump in and take a look at 5 of the best places to have your next team outing at –

  1. Kabbal Durga

80 km from Bangalore, Kabbal Durga has a special surprise in store for you. Popular for the temple and the fort, Kabbal Durga offers night treks that allow you to enjoy the most beautiful sunrise you will ever lay your eyes on, view historic ruins at the fort as well as take part in activities during trekking. Set amidst huge rocks and stony slopes, Kabbal Durga is a sight to behold. You can also indulge in a little bit of rock climbing.

  1. Kodachadri

Another escape from the concrete jungle, Kodachadri is situated at an altitude of 1343 metres above sea level. Overlooking the Western Ghats, Kodachadri offers beautiful sunrises and sunsets to behold if you are into that kind of thing. Apart from the usual trekking and rock climbing, mountaineering and night trekking are also made available to corporate teams.

  1. Chikamagalur

275 km from Bangalore, Chikmagalur is supposedly the most beautiful place you will ever see in the Western Ghats. Seeing as how far it is, there are several resorts around Bangalore that are close enough to Chikamagalur to cut down on your trip hours. Apart from the activities planned by the resort you end up staying in, Chikamagalur has a lot to offer on its own. Green, lush forests, trees covered with moss, beautiful waterfalls and pure air make Chikamagalur heaven on earth. Ideal for trekking or hiking, you can go up to the highest peak in South India which is at 1919 metres.

  1. Nandi Hills

A popular destination for corporate team outings in Bangalore, Nandi Hills are surrounded by a series of mountains. Known for the beautiful sunrise, Nandi Hills also offers a bunch of activities that you can take up as a team. In fact, it is ideal for camping, trekking and hiking along with the usual sports activities.

  1. Manchinbele Dam

45 km from Bangalore, you will find Manchinbele Dam which is an ideal place for adventure and fun. Activities such as River Crossing on the lakeside coupled with kayaking, raft building, swimming, archery and nature walk are all part of the reason why people flock to this place. Several forests nearby appeal to explorers making it an extremely fun place to be in.

There are several other places in Bangalore itself that you can visit as a team that includes the Bannerghatta National Park, Cubbon Park, Tipu Sultan’s palace and even the Lal Bagh Botanical Garden if you are interested in either history or nature or both. These places in Bangalore are easy to reach and are excellent choices if you only have a day for the outing. Apart from this, you can also opt to go for a walking tour and experience the different cuisines or get a taste of the rural life or enjoy the several microbreweries that have popped up in Bangalore.