Top makeup tips for bridesmaids on the big day

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As a bridesmaid, there will be many eyes on you on the big day (when they’re not on the bride, of course!). You will be walking up the aisle, standing in front of the guests, and will be present in many, many photos. For this reason, your makeup must be absolutely on point. Keep reading and you’ll find a list of the top tips for perfecting your bridesmaid makeup on the big day.

Let your dress lead the way

When it comes to the color scheme for your makeup, let your bridesmaid dresses be the inspiration. If the bridesmaids are wearing blush bridesmaid dresses, you could choose a soft, blush-toned lipstick. If you’re wearing deep navy bridesmaid dresses, you could opt for a deep navy smokey eye. By matching your dress color with aspects of your makeup, your overall look will be beautifully tied together and cohesive. Remember that you will be featured in many photos, so ensure your eyes, lips and cheeks are enhanced enough for the camera to make them pop! Matching your dress color to your makeup is a great way to do this.

Prep your skin

The night before the wedding, treat your skin to a hydrating mask and an exfoliating scrub. Go to bed with a generous layer of serum and moisturizer, so you wake up fresh, clean and soft. On the morning of the wedding, thoroughly cleanse and tone your skin before adding a hydrating cream to suit your skin type. Allow the moisturizer to sink into the skin before applying more product. A clean, moisturized face is the best canvas for beautiful makeup.

Prime and set thoroughly

You are going to be wearing your makeup for hours. From the moment you have it applied to the moment you go to bed after the wedding. This means you need to use a long-wearing primer to keep your makeup in place and fresh-looking all day. A primer will help your skin to look flawless and smooth, especially in photos. A setting spray designed for long nights is crucial, as it will stop your makeup from rubbing, smudging, wearing and running.

Have a concealer and lippie in your bag

If you have a little clutch or purse to take to the wedding, make sure you pack it with some touch-up products. A concealer, powder compact and your lipstick or gloss will come in very handy throughout the night. If you end up shedding tears during the ceremony, or you eat an oily snack before the reception, you’ll need to touch-up your look. Use concealer to cancel out any redness from crying, powder to take care of shine and lippie to keep your lips juicy and photo-ready.


To be extra prepared for your important role as a bridesmaid, make sure your makeup is flawless. Prep your skin thoroughly, and remember to use a primer and setting spray to keep it perfect all wedding long. Use your dress to inspire your color choices and to help make your beautiful features pop in the photos. Keep a little stash of makeup essentials with you for any touch-ups or emergencies, and you’ll be ready for anything!