What is Pilates


In Bouna Vista, Singapore, they offer Pilates, which is an exercise system that focuses on improving body strength, flexibility and body awareness without necessarily building bulk. It includes a series controlled movement performed on specific designed exercise apparatus (Cadillac, spine corrector, reformer, Wanda chair and ladder barrel). Pilates can be performed on the floor using mat work with the help of a well-trained instructor. Pilates was designed by Joseph Pilates in early 19s and his intention was to help dancers and injured athletes recover from injuries succumbed as well as help them prevent injuries. However, despite its many benefits, some people are still skeptical. So the big question is, does Pilates really work? In this article, we are going to answer that question to help you make an informed decision as to whether to use the program or not.

In early 19s Joseph Pilates discovered that many athletes and dancers career was cut short because of injuries. As a result he decided to come up with a program to help them recover from injuries that prevented them from progressing with their career because injuries took too long to heal. He came up with the Pilates which mainly focused on the core muscles (abdomen and the pelvic floor). According to Joseph Pilates, the core is actually the backbone of all your muscles. A weak core will automatically lead to weak muscles throughout the body. On the other hand, a strong core will lead to increased strength and flexibly because of strong muscles. The program involves series of many different exercises which are intended to boost muscles strength, mental awareness as well as make you more flexible.

Does Pilates really work?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions regarding this program. Many people want to know if indeed this program really works. The answer to this question is YES, Pilate exercises works. In fact, it is one of the most effective exercises available in modern time. One of the main reasons why this program works is because it uses safe methods that have been proven to work. It also focuses on increasing strength and making a person more flexible as opposed to building bulk. In addition to that, helps you to be more self-conscious, a factor that can help to boost your productivity.

How does it work?

Pilates is a program that comprises series of workouts that targets specific muscle groups. They specifically target the core muscles because the inventor (Joseph Pilates) believed that they are most important muscles. It works by strengthening core muscles thus helping you to gain stronger muscles, improve posture as well as improve your concentration. Pilates exercises require you to have high levels of concentration in order to achieve positive results. In some cases, you may be required stick on a certain position for even an hour and that can only happen if you are able to coordinate your mind and body.

Millions of people around the world who have performed Pilates exercises have reported that these exercises are effective and yield positive results. However, Pilates is more effective when guided by a qualified instructor. It involves a series of challenges which can only be administered by a qualified instructor.

What happens when you join Pilates class?

Once you make that big decision of joining a Pilates class, you will have to choice between classical, contemporary or clinical Pilates. Classical Pilates uses originals styles and moves that were designed by Joseph Pilates. On the other hand, contemporary Pilates is actually the modern Pilates and it is a bit different from classical Pilates. It incorporates some new moves and use of modern equipment in order to suit modern lifestyles that many people embrace. Clinical Pilates is more inclined in using scientific approaches. Unlike classic and contemporary Pilates which members are guided by an instructor, members of clinical Pilates are guided by a qualified physiotherapist.

Once you make your decision, the instructor/ physiotherapist will talk to you know what you want to achieve. In case of clinical Pilates offered in Bouna Vista, Singapore, the physiotherapist will take a step further and look at your medical history. You will then be brief on types of exercises to be performed and what to expect. You will then be put in groups each consisting maximum of 5 people where you will be required to work as a team through the guidance of the instructor.