Driving to Murthal for parathas

I have always been a person who has had a major rush for traveling across Indian cities. It would be bold of you to assume that I travel only because I love to explore cultures, ethnicity, and scenic beauty and to meet new people. I would proudly love to give you an account of food being the strongest pillar of my association with traveling. And my spontaneous journey to Murthal was no exception.

I had always contemplated the thought of traveling solo someday. Little did I know that my love for food would be my aid in making this dream come true. Browsing through some channels, it came to my knowledge that Murthal, a village in the Sonipat district of Haryana, is revered across the country for the delicacies that it offers, particularly the renowned parathas, and the unique taste of North India that the servings impart.

This urged me to take a rendezvous at this place with my friends, but ultimately decided to take up a brave-to-me idea of traveling solo to explore this village and its cuisines.

Preparing to get to my food-abode

Murthal is located in Sonipat district of Haryana. It is almost 45 kilometers from the national capital and the distance can be covered easily within a couple of hours. After searching for the best travel options that night, I realized that as I am traveling solo I should also finalize for my commuting options within Sonipat right before leaving. I was then suggested to go along with the option to avail a convenient taxi service in Sonipat that would safely take me around the village and also guide me through the best places to satiate my taste buds.

What besides appetite

Having reached Murthal with extreme comfort and convenience, I was delighted enough to be advising all the travelers in the future to book a reliable cab from Delhi to Murthal for a hassle-free commute, should they be taking up the same food adventure as me.

Reaching Murthal, I was astonished to recognize the fact that Murthal was far more than just Parathas and it was that moment when I instantly applauded my decision to get there. Murthal has a great number of temples, exotic and ancient Havelis, humble people, and is a fabulous place for long drives.

Gazing at these beauties, I finally arrived at a desi styled Dhaba to taste the protagonist of this plot- The Parathas!

They taste left me flabbergasted, right after having the first bite with white melting butter over my portion. At this moment, I knew my trip here was successful. Not just parathas, but the sumptuous buttermilk, and curd of Murthal added to the might of the parathas’ magnificence.

Deeper into the history of Murthal

The word “Murthal” is an amalgamation of Muni and Sthal translating to the place where saints meditate. The city is home to many ancient temples of Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, and Kali Devi for this reason. Religiously, the residents of Murthal have been worshipping the five Bavari brothers as their Kul devatas and Naag Baba (snake god) has also been a dedicatedly worshipped figure since times evident.


The entire solo drive experience to Murthal was one of the most memorable experiences so far. Rightfully so, the Independence and liberation that traveling solo imparts to one’s soul and spirit are quite underrated. It empowered me, taught me, and made me learn the value of individuality along with filling my belly with some of the most amazing food I’ve ever had, and definitely the best parathas I’ve ever laid my hands on.

Besides delicious food and a memorable drive, this place in Sonipat has a rich religious and cultural history to amaze you with. The temples and Havelis are enchanting with cultural remembrance and are a heritage on their own.

A major take away from this journey was that a reliable cab service is one of the best options to choose when traveling solo or even with friends and/or family as convenience and comfort is left uncompromised throughout.