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Celebrities Buy Pre-Owned Cars Too

The Oldsmobile brand may have shut up shop long ago; it still lives on in bigtime Hollywood icon and High School Musical star Zac Efron’s garage, though, in the shape of a gray ’99 Alero.  There’s a sentimental story behind how he came to drive it: his grandfather gifted it to him on his 18th birthday. It says a lot about his love of family that he still drives it when he has a fleet of Audis in his garage to pick from.

According to Rockland Auto, famous for pre-owned car deals near Tappan, other Hollywood icons don’t necessarily hang on to their old cars for reasons of family love, or a love of classic cars. They just happen to drive great, practical 15-year-old vehicles.

Miley makes do with a Porsche

When Miley Cyrus turned 16, her dad, country superstar Billy Ray Cyrus, could have bought her anything at all. He chose to let her have her mother’s hand-me-down Porsche Cayenne. While Miley was disappointed that she didn’t get to buy a new car, she did say in interviews that her Porsche wasn’t too bad.

Kristen Stewart slums it in her beaten up truck

Star of multiple blockbuster vampire movies, Kristen Stewart has no problem being seen about Los Angeles in a surprisingly old used car — an electric blue Ford Ranger truck.

When you’re Clint Eastwood, you can make any car cool

Clint Eastwood has redefined style in his own inimitable way since Dirty Harry of the 60s. The star is worth close to $2 billion. With all his money, the living monument to old-world Hollywood cool chooses to ride in an old maroon GMC Typhoon — in addition to several iconic classic cars.

Justin Timberlake’s lineup includes Mercs and old Pontiacs

Justin Timberlake, Clint Eastwood’s co-star in Trouble with the Curve, loved the 1967 Pontiac GTO in the movie so much, he decided to get it. It’s a classic car, though, and he rarely actually drives it. What the music and movie superstar drives much of the time aren’t his other luxury cars, either. He picks an old white Volkswagen Jetta that’s falling to pieces.

Conan O’Brien likes power

Late-night comic genius Conan O’Brien doesn’t have the car lover’s reputation that Jay Leno does. Conan drives an old Ford Taurus SHO from the 90s. Conan is actually an SHO enthusiast.

Posh Spice is one with her Uno

Victoria Beckham could own just about any car in the world, and probably does. She still hangs on to an old used Fiat Uno that she got when she was 17. It may be one of the saddest celebrity cars ever; it’s still rich in nostalgic value, though.


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