Cool sling bags and handbags


It is a very common saying that a woman carries her world along with her, inside her bag. And this is not entirely untrue for we tend to stock the most important and frequently required stuff in our handbags to keep them handy. Women feel that their handbags are quite personal as well as functional and also a mode of expressing oneself. For the more status conscious women, a ladies handbag is a fashion accessory that speaks volumes of the status symbol of its owner. I had once asked few of my female colleagues about what their opinion was about their own bags and all of them had agreed that ladies handbags were very important and added a fact that they simply loved shopping for bags online. You may also identify with their stand since with a bag it is quite possible to attain the desired image and look.

Most of us will also agree that handbags most definitely have to meet the functional value but at the same time they should not be very heavy to carry around. Whether or not bags communicate status symbol, we all do feel good about the bags that we carry. Once I used to secretly long to buy an expensive ladies handbag in the latest design, by looking at the bags in the pages of a glossy and across the hoardings in the streets with a celebrity flaunting the brand. Even if not for the brand factor, many women feel that buying a hand bag is one form of investment, so they choose designs that look classic but are smart and trendy at the same time, so that the bags can be worn in multiple fashion seasons. I do feel concerned, and it may also be the same thing with you, that a handbag which is so much in style in this current season is considered outdated in the next season! This is perhaps the reason why we do not mind to buy a bag that is pricey, but meant for long term use. Ladies handbags are forever and can be teamed with the appropriate clothes to either complement the outfit or make a fashion statement along with serving the universal utility factor. Selecting bags can be the most fun part of dressing up.

Online shopping nowadays is no more limited to only buying different styles of garments. Anything and everything is now available including bags online and offer us the luxury of staying inside our house seated comfortably on the couch while checking out the endless collections of bags online. Needless to say, we love to buy bags online too and the best part of purchasing bags is that there is no need to try them on to understand how they would look! Earlier, online shopping was not much advanced and offered limited kinds of bags that did not seem to arouse much interest in us nor did it seem to quench the status frenzy that many women felt. But online shopping is now a larger than life concept with every possible brand, whether premium or otherwise, available on the Internet, just a few clicks away.

Just like the evolution in style of women’s wear, the designs of ladies handbags have also undergone many changes. There are different kinds of bags on offer now, styled to suit the different occasions that we have to be part of. Among the various kinds on offer, sling bags are one of the smartest and most convenient ones available that also offer great functionality. Slings bags come with a long strap which can be thrown over our shoulders. They are convenient because they allow free movement of our hands – we don’t need to hold onto the sling bags neither do we need to carry them on our arms. Just taking them crossways or carrying them one sided over a shoulder is just about enough. Not only convenience, sling bags also look very smart and pack in loads of coolness about their look. You can carry them to office in more sober and formal looks and also rock the party with the ones designed with embellishments and sparkles. Needless to say, sling bags are of course suitable for being carried to any casual places for daily use. What more, they are available in different sizes and materials and lengths making them suitable to carry different things as per our need.

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