Myths About Cheap Glasses Exposed

Cheap Glasses

If you run a small-to-medium-sized business and are hoping to include some products for sale that can generate the widest possible profit margin, then investing in a glasses or sunglasses stand is one of the best moves you can make. This is according to Olympic Eyewear, a SLC, Utah company offering bulk orders of designer sunglasses. And, as it turns out, it is a very profitable one. At the lower end of the price range, glasses can still be effective, stylish, and durable. And the customer appeal of having a wide variety of sunglasses available for sale at an outlet proves that inexpensive glasses are popular. In fact, they represent the majority of sales.

Thus, inexpensive glasses are both a good personal investment and a great addition to any business. And this would simply not be the case were many of the myths and misconceptions about cheap glasses true. But before we get down to busting some of these myths, it is important to turn our attention to the question of price.

The Price Illusion

The most expensive glasses available on the market are typically those which boast a big brand name and perhaps a handful of celebrity endorsements. But if these two reasons can account for their astronomical price – and if these two reasons are totally unrelated to quality – then it follows that a high price tag does not necessarily equal high quality.

For sure, if you pay $500 for a pair of top Tom Ford glasses, then you will not be receiving a low-quality product. But the fact remains that the reason they are so expensive is not down to their quality, but rather cachet of the brand and the A-listers who may have been seen wearing them.

So, right from the off, we can see that price does not equal quality. Here are some more myths about cheap glasses that are ripe to be shattered:

Cheap Glasses Lack Style

Given that the materials from which lower-priced glasses are typically made are just as durable, malleable, and lasting as the more expensive models, there is simply no reason why cheap glasses cannot come in a wide variety of attractive styles. Many wholesalers will offer batches of glasses that showcase a wide sample of their designs and styles.

There Are Limited Options for Lenses

This is another myth that is simply not true. You do not need an expensive pair of glasses to go for a lens upgrade. Therefore, any glasses at any price could potentially be fitted with any lens out there. Many cheaper glasses also come with pretty good lenses. Even though plastic lenses are known for scratching easier, they are more lightweight and durable and frequently come with protective coatings.

Cheap Glasses Are Uncomfortable

As mentioned, cheap glasses are typically made from materials that are actually more lightweight and durable than the glass and metal which typically make up more expensive pairs. Plastic glasses even have this advantage over glass – that they are more comfortable, not less.

Low-Cost Glasses Can Harm Your Eyes

This persistent myth really should have had its day by now. It is impossible for glasses of any kind to actually damage your eyes. The wrong prescription will make it difficult to see, but there is no danger of injury.

With so many myths about inexpensive glasses flying around, it is a surprise they sell as well as they do. But nevertheless, buying glasses in bulk is a popular strategy for many small businesses, so there is certainly a demand for eyewear at the lower end of the cost spectrum.