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How To Layer Your Human Hair Extensions

Real hair extensions are a very good way to obtain a lengthy, luxurious hair do immediately. However, sometimes that lengthy, luxurious locks are a little bit too lengthy – as with one length throughout. While unbelievable length could be ideal for a diva moment or red-carpet gathering, a blunt-cut curtain of hair could be drab, hot, heavy, and annoying, as well as impractical-searching. But don’t worry! Here’s how you can reduce your own extensions into layers should you can’t obtain a stylist to get it done.

Firstly, get the extensions placed on your mind don’t depend on the wig mind to duplicate the form, size, or requirements of your scalp. Style the extensions how you would like them to fall within the final look, parting your hair in which you want the ultimate part to become and so forth. All this helps be sure that your coif is ideal when you’re done. The strategy described here works equally well for internet weaves, sew-in and clip in extensions, and fusion hair.

Next, pull your brand-new extensions into four ponytails: two alongside in front from the mind just like a little girl’s pigtails, and 2 behind, stacked one on the top from the other. For added-thick or -lengthy extensions, divide the rear portion into three stacked ponytails.

Leave the underside-back ponytail out of the box and just cut another 3 to 4 parts of hair by doing this, you are able to realize the entire length that you simply bought on a minumum of one point in your mind.

To chop a couple of inches from the top-back ponytails, slide your scrunchy or rubber band lower to simply over the length you want to chop, then use a set of super-sharp hair scissors to consider from the undesirable ends. The total amount you have to cut will be different, but do not remove greater than three or four inches at this time – too drastic a chop will undoubtedly help make your hair look blocky rather of layered.

Next tackle the leading part, developing a gradual fringe round the face utilizing a razor comb (pictured). For every front ponytail, comb your hair weave having a moist wide-toothed comb, then slide the razor comb lower the size of your hair, beginning at approximately eye level and dealing toward the guidelines for many women. Use quick, sharp strokes to thin your hair and make up a tapered look that meets the face. If you want, clip out a piece of bangs together with your scissors.

And that’s it! To keep an eye on layered clip-on or stitched-in extensions, simply number the tracks or clips having a paper tag or marker, beginning with ¡°1¡± for that back pieces on and on up toward the leading. Then you’ll know which to use when re-installing, and you’ll come with an easy, breezy, reality waiting for you!

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