The Modafinil: Its beneficial aspects for our brains


In today’s market there is a flood of new and improved drugs making the claim to enhance your brain’s health and cognitive function. However, many of these drugs fall flat on their promise to do just that. From increased alertness and productivity, to increased intelligence, learning and higher brain function, these drugs all make the claim to be the “smart-drug” that can and will give you an edge when it comes to your mental performance in the boardroom or on the field of play. That changes, however, today! Modafinil is a clinically proven brain enhancing pharmaceutical that not only increases your alertness, but can help you achieve more!

The Brain Health Benefits of Modafinil

First developed as drug to help patients suffering from the debilitating condition of narcolepsy, experts discovered that Modafinil also possessed many cognitive enhancing benefits outside of its originally intended use. Clinical studies discovered that people who take the drug, yet do not suffer from narcolepsy, benefitted greatly from its ability to affect higher brain function. Such benefits include:

  • Improved Creativity

Modafinil’s has been shown to increase a patient’s ability to be creative. Individuals who took the drug appeared to have an enhanced ability to think on their feet and this positively affected their problem solving skills when a creative solution was needed.

  • Improved Decision Making

As a result of improving a patient’s creativity, Modfinil was found to increase a patient’s ability to make better decisions based on the information they received on a daily basis. Patient’s reported being able to think more clearly and accurately, and disseminate information more effectively than in previous situation without the drug.

  • Improved Memory

Memory is another cognitive area that Modafinil has shown to improve. Many patients report an increased awareness in their daily functions that helps promote their ability to remember more details pertaining to their day.

  • Improved Flexibility

The ability to make good decisions under increased stress is also an area in which Modafinil has shown to have a dramatic effect. Patients taking the drug were shown to have less difficulty in handling stressors that would otherwise cause cognitive impairment on individuals who did not take Modafinil.

Side Effects

In over 70 percent of recent studies that focused on the drug’s side-effects, very few patients reported slight cases of headache, stomach-ache, nausea, and in rare cases, insomnia. Yet, an overwhelming majority of patients showed no issue in taking the drug for its cognitive enhancing abilities. This is very good news, as it shows that Modafinilis a very versatile drug in helping a broad population.

Where to Get It

Modafinil is available in most countries without a prescription, except for in the United States. As a result, there are a number of online pharmaceutical retailers in which you can purchase the drug for your personal use. One store that we recommend is There, you can make your purchase, as well as have questions answered by an online expert specializing in the drug’s known cognitive enhancements.