Words Direct from an Artist’s Heart

fashion marketing

Art has always been a substantial part of my life. As an artist, we all reach a barrier that forces us to answer our life’s most pressing question, “What makes me different than the rest?” It was finding my individual voice within my art that was the struggle. Every artist goes through a phase where they are searching for their unique “voice”. It is something specific and so exclusive to you and your product, that when people see your work, they are able to identify you and your technique. At 18 I started doing freelance work for major projects such as ad campaigns and digital graphics. By the age of 21, I started tip toeing around different art scenes such as fashion, modeling, digital art, and music and even had the chance to be in a few featured films, commercials and magazines. Although these experiences taught me valuable lessons and introduced me to some extraordinary people, my hunger for greatness exceeded any modeling or commercial acting gig. I had always believed that I was destined for greatness, and my passion for that greatness was superior to any gig; I just needed to focus and find that voice. At the age of 25 I was still bouncing around in different themes of art, trying to find that “voice”. I was doing more and more freelance projects, most of which were specific to fashion marketing.

After dozens of fashion projects and countless flyers, I realized my own passion; art and design. I decided the best way I could express myself accurately and feel complete was through art and fashion. As a result to finding my voice I decided to start my own clothing brand. I needed a brand name as unique as my art, as exclusive as my designs, and of course as fresh as me, lol. What better name than “Genuine by Anthony”? Genuine By Anthony was created out of a love for street wear and fashion, mixing art and originality for contemporary street wear styles. Having your own clothing line as you can or cannot imagine is very hard work. There are so many obstacles from clientele, to boutiques, and everyone wants to be a critic.

I take feedback and constructive criticisms “with a grain of salt”, learn that life lesson, and keep pushing forward. I remind myself not to give up and that “everything in life is not easy and if it were then everyone would be doing it”.

If you are passionate about anything in life, it will always take hard work, dedication, and perseverance. But in order to defy those odds that are set against you, you have to have heart and know that nothing is impossible. So now that you have heard mine, what will your voice be?