Like a Rock – Why Diamonds Never Go Out of Style


As a species, humans may be closest to chimpanzees. Emotionally, though, magpies are a closer match — both species share an incredible love of beautiful, shiny objects, and will go to great lengths for them.

While diamonds may or may not be forever, they are certainly timeless

While it’s possible to scientifically argue that diamonds aren’t forever, there is something about them that calls to mind the eternal nature of true beauty. Humans have worn diamonds for six millennia, after all. Something about their searing depth of diamonds, and pure brilliance, touches people the way no Swarovski crystal or lab-grown moissanite can.

The appeal of diamonds isn’t entirely about their fire, though. Every person who wears a diamond feels a connection to it. Depending on the cut, the shape and the blaze within, diamonds capture the essence of the character wearing them. These stones always seem contain within their brilliant depths of light a way to reflect the feelings of the wearer.

Round Brilliant diamonds of different sizes.

Every diamond says something about you

If you have trouble understanding how exactly a diamond might reflect your personality, consider how diamond lovers and experts alike uniformly see qualities such as the following in different cuts.

Trillion brilliant-cut diamonds: The trilliant, according to the best jewelers, is the trillion brilliant-cut diamond. It is a well-loved, if uncommon, diamond cut that presents a large surface area (or table), but comes with very little physical depth. These thin diamonds, with their size, can be extremely impressive as ring centerpieces and on necklaces. Trilliants are considered the perfect match for the extrovert.

Clarity-enhanced diamonds: Experts take up loose diamonds with inclusions — tiny flaws involving little embedded impurities — use laser beams to drill microscopic channels to clear the impurities out, and create fully flaw-free stones. These diamonds tend to be more affordable than naturally flawless stones, which means diamond lovers get far larger and more brilliant stones for their money. These diamonds, with their fiery character, go very well with artistic personalities.

Emerald-cut diamonds: Emerald cuts make diamonds look different. They feature only a few large, flat facets. While they tend to not be as brilliant as more complex cuts, they are associated with royalty. Greece Kelly, or Princess Grace, received an emerald-cut diamond on her engagement.

Such fancy-cut diamonds, as these unconventional designs are known, are far more in style today than ever before. Buying diamonds tends to be seen as highly personal today. This is where diamonds do come into their own — they are all about customizability, and their ability take on the character of the wearer.