A Guide on How to Style with Pearl Ring

Pearl Ring

Pearl jewelry is one of the classic jewelry and makes one look stunning. Pearls unique and timeless gems, they are the part of fashion since long years ago and still making its remark in the world of fashion. Pearl rings are one of the favorite jewels of the people who love pearls, because of their luster and glow that beautifies the hands. Pearl ring is also one of the unique choices for engagement rings people also gift a pearl ring as anniversary gift to their wives and girlfriends. They can mean so much when gifted and if you don’t know how to style yourself with a pearl ring, then here we are to help with some easy to go tips.

  • Cocktail ring, pearl solitaire, and multiple-stone pearl rings are popular styles of pearl rings and the kind of style you are going to make also depends on the type of ring you are having. Cocktail rings are features large pearls in the center of the ring, and very ornate. They are surrounded by eye-catching metal works or small cluster of pearls or other gemstones making it dazzling and glamorous. Therefore, cocktail rings are great for party wear, formal events, and fancy parties.
  • Solitaries are minimalist, but classic rings; they have single pearl set in gold, silver or other metal. However, there are unique design settings are available making it look stylish and classic. These rings are perfect for romantic occasions as they have soft elegance and also many people choose it as an engagement ring.
  • Multiple-stone rings are the one designed with including other gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, and ruby. They can be dressed up and down quickly and are suited for everyday wear.

How can I wear a pearl ring with other jewelry and outfits?

Pearls are versatile in nature and suit every type of outfits. Whether it is an evening party dress, gown, or it is formal wear like slacks and blouse, they emphasize feminine style and grace. Avoid wearing pearl with baggy and relaxed outfits. When pairing pearl with other jewels make sure to keep it simple and classic as pearl ring. Like wearing a chain necklace and simple gold earrings can be the perfect pair of pearl ring.