The Benefits of Hair Transplantation Surgery

Hair Transplantation Surgery

Many men have issues with hair loss and feel embarrassed to be seen in public due to having thin hair or being completely bald on the top of their heads. While some men choose to deal with their hair loss by completely shaving their heads, others try different products to try and regrow their hair. Another option many men use, as well as some women, is hair transplants.

How Is a Hair Transplant Done?

In order to help restore their hair, many men choose to have hair transplant surgery so they will have a head full of hair once again. While it is a surgical procedure, it is minor surgery and it is performed at a hair clinic by a licenced technician. It is done by removing hair follicles from a donor site, which is often at the back of the head or along the sides where healthy hair follicles are plentiful.

Once the hair follicles have been harvested, they are then transplanted to the area in which they are needed, often called the recipient site. A transplant can usually be done in one session, unless you lose hair or want your hair to be thicker. Generally, the surgery will last anywhere from four to eight hours, depending on how many follicles are transplanted. To learn more about transplants, go to

Benefits of a Hair Transplant

There are several benefits of having a hair transplant, whether you are a man or woman. The main benefit is being able to use your own hair for the transplant. When you use your own hair, you know it will be the same colour as the rest of your hair, which helps make it look more natural.

Natural Hair Growth

Since the hair follicle is transplanted, as long as there are no skin issues to keep it from growing, your hair will start growing naturally in the recipient area. You will be able to cut and style your hair as you like, so your hair looks completely natural, since it is natural.

Little Surgical Pain

With most transplant procedures, you will have very little to no pain during the surgery. You will be given a local anaesthetic during the surgery, so you will be awake during the entire process. In addition to experiencing almost no pain during the surgery, your head will be tender, but you shouldn’t have too much pain during recovery either.

Sense of Confidence

After having a hair transplant, many men regain a sense of confidence they lost when they began to lose their hair. Women who have issues with thinning hair will also feel more confident and beautiful when they can start styling their hair again. Due to their renewed confidence, many men will put away the hats they’ve been wearing to hide their baldness.

Although it isn’t the only solution for issues with thinning hair, many men who do not have medical conditions causing their hair loss have found hair transplantation the best way to regain a head full of natural hair.