Latest trends not explored in women’s fashion

women’s fashion

Floral prints which had first made their appearance in the twelfth century in the eastern part of central Asia with motifs of flowers, birds and animals embroidered on the fabric, had actually kicked off one of the most loved styles that is now a timeless style. For those who love the typical summery and girly look, the floral dresses and floral prints are the perfect style for every season, and can be found on casual t-shirts, semi formal tops to glamorous floral dresses with flowery embellishments.

 Floral dresses are one of those fashion items which can instantly bring in a very feminine feel to any girl, moreover they allow a beautiful blend of a range colours – from pretty shades of pastels to sober shades and also happy bright colors fit for summer. Starting with floral tops and floral dresses, floral prints are always much in demand this season even today. Be it during scorching summers or the cool winters, dresses with flowery prints look very attractive and feminine and they offer a solid range of versatility too.

In the context of fashion we have always seen the emergence of some new styles every time, which eventually gains huge popularity ruling the fashion charts for a long time. One such trend which is super hot now is the ‘jeggings’, a punched name for jeans and leggings. Innovation is the name of the game – so jeggings is actually a brand name that is owned and registered by a textile company in Turkey which is the original manufacturer of this innovative stretch fabric. Jeggings actually look like leggings which are made to appear like a pair of skinny jeans. But do not think that it is very simple, because these are neither leggings nor jeans. The fine line which separates jeggings from jeans and leggings is the fabric which is used to make them. Jeggings are usually made out of a blend of spandex and denim, where the percentage of spandex used is greater than that of denim.

Jumpsuit is another super hot trend like jeggings that is fast catching up with the Indian fashion conscious women. The trend of wearing jumpsuits online, had been spotted first during the early ’70’s when jumpsuits online were seen to be adorned by actors, celebrities, musicians and all the people who could influence the masses with their uber stylish fashion concepts. If you ever come across someone who had been in their youth during the ‘70s, they will be able to convey best what the trend was like during that time. And with the return of the jumpsuit trend, my mind has jumped back to that period, when these jumpsuits were mostly characterised by the super stretchable fabrics in neon colours and bright sequinned embellishments, which the people on TV used to wear. Girl, that quite reminds of the circus costumes that we see today! But thankfully, going by the name of jumpsuits online for girlsfashion experts all over the world have played up or tuned down, that is to say, reinvented and restyled the overall look of the classic jumpsuit trend, much to our relief! It is really amazing to see how the gurus of fashion have reinvented this look which was originally a uniform which the folks belonging to the so called working class used to wear at some point of time. Jumpsuits have certain unusual look about them which keeps us attracted to them time and again, though it takes more than one attempt to master the style of wearing a jumpsuit.

Ladies tops other than shirts for women are extremely important to complete the wardrobe of any urban Indian girl who looks forward to keep adding fresh and new styles to their collection and bring in variety to the looks. This is the reason why ladies tops are must have fashion essentials and play a hugely vital part in women’s fashion. They not only offer comfort and convenience but also offer different ways and ideas to experiment while dressing up for different occasions. Ladies tops are indeed extremely versatile in form. They are available in all imaginable sizes, shapes, prints and patterns which make them perfect for wearing to office, to parties, to rock concerts and art exhibitions; and what more, you can also team them with different styles of pants, jeans and skirts to add up more variation to your look using different accessories and statement jewellery. No matter how many tops we have in our closet, we shall never be able to resist ourselves from buying more varieties to stuff our closets with the latest styles available. From ultra stylish to smart and somber to casual high street, ladies tops are there to suit our each and every need.