Cool Money Clips for Style and Function

money clip

A money clip is technically not a wallet, but more of a simple binder for your cards and cash. It is actually a highly efficient option because it does secure your important pieces of paper and plastic data with a simple, functional, and stylish design. Without the bulk of a wallet, but still the essential function of one, cool money clips may be in style for practical purposes. A large wallet is a clear target for pickpockets. A slender, well hidden clip would evade theft much more efficiently.

This type of wallet or non-wallet simply clips money together along with cards. The best way to do this is with a fully surrounding, fitting clamp band. Many fine styles exist. You can find them in many colors and textures to fit your style. Truly, this is the kind of thing which catches a bit of attention since people are expecting to see the typical men’s wallet or some new device version. Instead, you come out with the retro look and function of a money clip, sporting your financial colors like a peacock does its feathers. So pick a few different styles and switch it up.

Ease of carrying

Finding cool money clips is simple just do a search for some on different internet sites and you are bound to come across those with naked simplicity, style, and function. Beyond this, however, what use is a money clip? It certainly doesn’t seem as good as a wallet. There are no compartments or pockets and no cool little hidden pocket to slip in a spare house or car key! Oh dear!

If you are looking for organizational features, there are plenty of pocket organizers available. Your wallet shouldn’t have to double as a pocket organizer too. Ideally, it should be slim and inconspicuous, yet able to efficiently bind all cash and cards, and receipts into a compact bundle which is perfect for easy carrying in any pocket because it lacks the bulk of the typical wallet. Additionally, when you consider the band strength of a good money clip, it will securely hold items together while a wallet only loosely holds items in compartments.

A Great Gift

When you give cool money clips as presents, it is typically a surprise. The man getting it will take pause and think, “Oh, a money clip? Hmmm… yeah, I could use that!” And there you have a fantastic gift. With holidays on the rise these make ideal gifts, particularly for men who tend to prefer simplicity to complex fashion. They can be used as party gifts or just a general gift for an office party where everybody draws a number and gets some random gift… the money clip is the drop-dead, stop the crowd gift to get a bit of a pause. You will love it and they will love it too.

Because its practicality and elegant design is so convenient and apparent, a fine money clip not only does a good job with simple efficiency, it promotes the simple economy of space. You have more room to carry other objects and clipped money is so slender, it can easily be tucked away just about anywhere.