Types Of Kids Kurtas For Kids You Should Buy Now

Kids Kurtas

The toddler time is the best because most of the kid’s dresses are unisex in style. It means that both your young girl or boy can enjoy it. This is the time when they are still understanding the gist of colors and gender-based styles. So, let them enjoy the full thrill of fashion now with the best mixes and matches.

It is quite a heavy task to dress your little trotter or young boys and girls in Indian traditional wear but if you have an exciting range of ethnic wear for kids, it is not so hard then. Kids love colors and styles that they admire in their parents or people around them. For instance, a girl tends to copy a lot from her mother and a boy try to imitate his father. Another factor to keep in mind is the material of the dress and how it is adorned with various work patterns. It is just wise to avoid heavy embellishments or complicated embroidery art when buying ethnic wear for kids. So, if you are buying kurta pajama for kids, it is best to focus on the factors that will make the dress most comfortable.

Let’s see different types of kids kurtas that you should have a collection for your little showstopper.

Types of Kurtas For Kids

An amalgamation of traditional with a dash of contemporary style would be apt for modern kids. Generally, all kids kurtas are loose-fitted and knee-length but you can add a little more variety by choosing Indowestern styles. Assorted styles, designs, cuts and even fabrics make them different from each other.

Slip Kurtas

If you are hunting for some bold yet comfy style for your little bundle of joy, slip kurtas will be perfect. They are great to wear in summers and day time events.

Slip kurta is not particularly traditional but got their notion from slip dress in women. With no sleeves and just a pair of straps, these kurtas are knee-length and available in various styles such as tiers, empirical waist, floral print, etc.

Avoid dark or deep colours and look for sophisticated light tones.

Pathani kurta

Much similar to shirt style kurtas, Pathani kurtas also have a shirt collar. Apart from that, many minute details set them way apart from shirt kurtas. Pathani kurtas are curved at the length and have rolled up sleeves.

This type of kid’s kurta is generally clubbed with a pair of pajamas or dhoti pants. Sometimes, these are also adored with additional buttons and pockets to enhance the overall look.

Sherwani kurta

A sherwani kurta is one of the most desired ethnic wear for kids as it brings a high-class look as well as a comfort quotient together.

Sherwani kurtas exude a coat-like appearance and are preferred to be worn on auspicious occasions such as wedding, festive celebrations, etc. These can be worn with dhoti salwars or plain pajamas.

Angrakha kurta

If you are searching for stylish kurta pajama for kids then Angrakha kurtas should be on your list.

One side of Angrakha kurta overlaps over the other side and then tied there. Pick regular salwars for your adorable daughter to spiff up this style.