Different Types Of Mascara


Mascara has the power to transform drab lashes into dazzling ones with a single swipe. In addition, there is a mascara formula to meet your needs, whether to lengthen or add volume. Mascara improves the eyes in a variety of ways. It makes eyes appear brighter and larger by lengthening and increasing the volume and darkening them. The eye area can benefit from looking younger by having lashes that appear fuller.

Although many mascaras claim to provide both length and volume, curl and length, or some combination of the two, they can generally be divided into three broad categories. You can get all the mascaras in a mascara kit to save on cost and storage.

This particular formulation of mascara lengthens the tips of lashes, which helps make your eyes appear more open.

  • Curling mascara

Mascaras that curl lashes are an excellent way to perk up straight lashes and give them the volume boost they so desperately need.

  • Volumizing mascara

This well-known brand of mascara can significantly thicken your lashes and, in many cases, add length.

Steps for applying mascara on

  1. Start by curling your eyelashes with an eyelash curler, and pay particular attention to the outer corners of your eyes. The use of an eyelash curler can contribute to the appearance of having lashes that are thicker and longer.
  2. Prime your lashes; Priming them is important because it helps keep your mascara in place, which is especially important if you have fine lashes. Apply the product only from the middle of the lash to the ends to prevent clumping. When the primer goes into the root of the lashes, the lashes tend to clump together, but when applied generously at the tip, it does wonder for elongating the lash.
  3. Apply your mascara; To begin, press the wand into the ground at the base of the plant, roll it forward to catch each lash, then grind it back and forth while pulling up! Ensure that you apply from the base to the apex.
  4. Layer the mascara; be careful not to reapply too many coats because doing so can cause it to begin flaking. There is no need for more than one to three coats, whether you want a natural or dramatic look.

How to apply mascara on the bottom lashes?

Once you’ve mastered the art of applying mascara to your upper lashes, you’re ready to move on to the lower lashes. Adding a coat of mascara to your lower lashes might help open up your eyes even more, but it isn’t always essential. To be sure, you’ll need to experiment to acquire the perfect mascara application on your lower lashes.

  • Try lowering your head and looking up into the mirror for a simpler application. The lashes can be moved further away from the skin to make applying mascara easier.
  • After applying mascara to the top lashes, the mascara wand should not be used to re-dip. Any leftover bristles can be used for the underside.
  • Waterproofing the bottom is a must. For people with longer bottom lashes, the ability to prevent smearing is crucial.
  • A little powder under the eyes will keep mascara from spreading all day long.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, less is more in almost all cases. More mascara might cause clumping and an unnatural appearance. It takes two coatings to get the most natural appearing lashes. Opt for natural, non-irritating mascaras.