Accentuate the beauty of Plain linen Saree with Readymade blouses!!

Plain linen Saree

Linen is a lightweight and elegant fabric, known for its versatile appeal. This textile is derived from flax plant fibers. It is among the oldest of textiles of the world. The name, notably, has a Latin origin with Linum. Linen sarees are a permanent fixture in the quintessential ethnic wardrobe. These sarees are a great fit for every season especially the summer.

It takes a lot of hard work and effort to manufacture each of these pieces, but, the end product is worth raving about. The fabric is extremely soft and sweat absorbent. As such, it makes for a natural sartorial choice during the scorching summers when we all looks for some simple yet elegant dresses. They render an impeccable freshness to your entire look while you step out of your homes every day for work or just for fun with friends.

Nail the Indian look with ease

Linen silk sarees is a fashioned raged among youngsters. They are comfortable, long-lasting and fashionable at the same time. After all, it’s not that easy to be at your fashionable best during summers. Indian summers are hot, humid and unpredictable. A lot of thought goes into the choice of clothing in the country. The sartorial scenario is primarily ruled by cotton, khaadi and other fabrics that is tender and comfortable. Anything which is not sweat absorbent doesn’t make the cut no matter how fashionable it is. The plain linen saree can be clubbed with designer fashionable blouse to give edge on any occasion Linen silk is one such rare fabric fusion which spells “style” and comfort at the same time. These sarees are unmistakably associated with slubs or small knots appearing arbitrarily along the length of the drape.

And when we are talking about sarees, how could we forget its counterpart i.e. readymade blouse. Every often we have the problem of selecting the blouse according to our saree. The best way to dazzle in classic Indian saree is to pick the right kind of readymade blouse and make it forever endearing. The three-piece women clothing is all about wearing the right fabric saree-blouse combination. These two factors are quintessential in enhancing the overall appeal of any plain linen saree and taking it to another level.

Discover these latest saree styling hacks with readymade blouses and take fashion notes for your individual style.

Plain Linen Saree- Boat neck Blouse

Whenever there is any function or some regal celebration, plain linen saree take the front row of the cupboard and become the foremost choice of every Indian woman. The best way to highlight the charisma of these luxurious and classy drapes is to sport attractive boat neck blouse and make the best of your ethnic avatar instantly. The exquisite boat neck pattern looks way chic and sassy when paired with stylish plain linen saree.

2 Plain linen saree- crop top Blouse

The crop top that was last time seen on your couch can be of a great use this wedding season.Every woman wishes to look hot while she is planning to wear a saree. Well, worry not girls here comes the rescue.

Generally, crop tops are adorned with semi-formal pants, casual cargo pants, denims, skirts and so on. Why don’t we add this style to our ethnic fashion fad? You can wear this designer blouses with some plain contrasting plain linen saree and give yourself a new look.


Mix-n-Match and find that one outfit which gives you a unique look!!