5 Tips To Organize Your Prom Without Risking The Prom Dresses Fittings

Prom Dresses

The school year is over, and graduations arrive, along with mixed emotions of happiness for the achievements and sadness for leaving the inseparable friends who accompanied you on many adventures. Now yes, straight to college, but before you do… Are you part of the prom committee and have to organize the party? In this Jovani article, I share some ideas for a fun party and also have time to go with your friends and select the perfect prom dresses from designer brands like Jovani.

  1. The Prom Logistics

For an event to succeed, it’s recommended to plan with enough time ahead, so the committee will consider many details that sometimes when left for the last minute, can turn into calamities. First, you have to think about the budget that the school provides and decide whether the party will be held in the typical gym or in an ideal outdoor area (considering the possible weather for that day).

If the committee and the school decide unanimously to make it outdoors, a new idea would be to forget about the tables and leave only the necessary ones for the snacks; in this way, fewer tables create more space for the dance floor and force everyone to interact and live the experience. In this way, you may be responsible for forming a few power couples, as Forbes explains in How To Throw The Perfect Party. However, make sure there is the right number of chairs just in case.

  1. Theme and Decoration

A valid option is to decorate with school colors or choose a fun theme, such as sparkles, disco, something new. You can even make the decorations yourself and ask for the collaboration of more students. Get different accessories of the chosen theme and place them in a box so that the guests can take pictures with them.

Another prevalent idea is to build a large frame, with cardboard outlined with colors and the name of the class or year; Those will be the envy of any Snapchat filter.

  1. Dj Or Playlist?

Music is always important; prepare a good list of songs and take advantage of the best speakers that the institute has available. Nowadays it’s very easy to do; this way can occupy the funds raised for a short trip once the activities are done. If there is a bigger budget, contact a DJ or even rent a karaoke machine.

  1. Prom Menu

For the food you can prepare some sandwiches; However, the best option is always to order food. The purpose of the party is to have fun, dance, sing and even play so the food is not a priority

For drinks, prepare something fun like alcohol-free strawberry, as well as sodas, and vegan options. Try also to offer some beverage without gas- lots of water, you all will need it.

  1. Leave A Record For Posterity

To remember is to live again. Take some good pictures of those moments of happiness after so many years of study and following the same daily school routine. Once some time has passed, the joy of looking at snapshots will be a great reward. When it comes to video, reach out to the AV club to ask for the camera, place it on a tripod and press “record”; if it is a big party, hire a filming crew.

Also, something fun is to make a time capsule and that each student brings something that has to do with the years of study. Put these objects in the capsule and give it to one of the young people, so that they keep it until a future meeting.

Prom Dresses

Now that every detail concerning the party is planned, we have created for you a selection of three prom dresses designs for three different girls, where the hard part will be to decide in which one you will look the best:

  • Off the shoulder: This tropical style can bring grace to any dress. If it is vibrant colors, better.
  • Open back: Neither the neckline nor the legs; sometimes the back is the protagonist of the outfit, and it looks terrific.
  • Fit Piece with long sleeves: If you want to be more daring, give a chance to this style that will be a must in 2019.

If all three seem like fantastic ideas, you can use a piece that combines all these attributes such as the Silver High Neck Cold-Shoulder Fitted Lace Prom Dress from the line of prom dresses by Jovani. We encourage you to thoroughly review this collection to find more ideas to inspire you.