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Tencel fabrics: The best choice for outstanding and long-lasting comfort

Tencel fabrics

Invented in 1972, Tencel fibers have undergone different processes and development in order to achieve that silky-smooth texture which provides total comfort. Made from 100% bleached wood pulp that has been processed with the use of a dry jet-wet spinner, Tencel fibers are naturally soft and offer long-lasting comfort, they have enhanced breathability feature, allowing each individual to feel fresh and cozy as they wear them.

Different garments manufactured with Tencel fibers

Tencel fiber, also known as Lyocell fiber is a cellulose fiber that is made from 100% bleached wood pulp, meticulously processed in order to achieve that soft and silky texture. Tencel fiber can be blended into different fabrics such as denim, nylon, chino, linen and can also be used in conveyor belts, medical dressings, and even specialty papers.

The versatility of Tencel fibers have gained the attention of huge garment and fabric manufacturers, making the material one of the best choice in making different fabrics such as towels, bed sheets, as well as everyday garments which includes shirts, shorts and various style of denim.

Designer brands also use Tencel fiber as a material in creating their garments. Fashionable garments, dresses, coats that are perfect for both casual and smartwear also uses Tencel fibers. This does not only provide a good sense of fashion and style, but also guarantees an outstanding experience of comfort, with the material’s enhanced breathability feature.

Natural comfort, style and eco-friendly, there are the best traits of Tencel fibers, not to mention its versatility as it can be blended with other fabrics to reinforce their strength without sacrificing the element of comfort, providing each individual the best fabric and garments that offers silky-smooth comfort.


Tencel fibers came from a 100% botanic origin, which means that every Tencel or Lyocell fibers are biodegradable. However, this does not affect the fabric or the garment’s suitability and durability. Rest assured that every garments, fabric or clothes made from this material will last a very long time, without shrinking and color fading due to the effects of constant washing.

Tencel fibers also absorb moisture efficiently, without the concern of visible formation of moisture that is commonly seen in synthetic fabrics and polyester. This guarantees less bacteria activity in the fabric as you wear it, providing a fresh and comfy feeling, and bacteria-free experience.

In accordance to this, because the material absorbs moisture efficiently and effectively compared to cotton and other fabrics, Tencel fabrics tend to provide a cooler and fresh experience throughout the day. Not to mention its enhance breathability which promotes excellence in providing outstanding comfort towards the individual who wears or use the fabric.


Because of its versatility and various features that benefits an individual, experts and huge fabric and garment manufacturers have claimed that Tencel fibers are naturally soft and offer long-lasting comfort. So what are you waiting for? Check the best Tencel fiber products and experience absolute comfort and style. You can check some of the best and stylish Tencel garments by clicking this link.   

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