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Exclusive Watches Worn By Celebrities

Celebrities are known for their sense of style and their expensive and sometimes exclusive clothing and accessories, and one of the accessories that fans and the general public tend to notice is the watches these celebrities tend to wear both on the red carpet and when shopping for groceries. Of course, as befitting their celebrity status, many celebs from the arts and even politics choose to wear expensive and exclusive watches. Here are just a few of the top watch brands that are part of some celebrities’ wardrobe.


Since WWII Rolex watches has been seen as the icon watch of the rich and famous. This watch is often the first exclusive watch purchased by those who have finally made it big financially and celebrities are no different. Rolex is the go to watch brand of many celebrities. Which celebrities tend to prefer Rolex watches? Among others you will find Rolex watches on the wrists of such celebrities as Adam Levine lead singer for Maroon 5 and star of The Voice. Movie Icon Ben Affleck, Singer Madonna, Actress Sofia Vergara, and the ever popular Caroline Kennedy. Rolex was also the watch of the choice for late Elvis. Other celebs who have Rolex in their watch collections include David and Victoria Beckham, Matt Damon, and Sharon Stone.


Panerai watches are indeed exclusive as these watches by the Swiss manufacturer and only sold in limited editions. Celebrities who prefer the exclusiveness and well as the looks of this brand of watch include such stars as Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, and Pierce Brosnan


During his Shock the World Tour Kanye West was seen sporting a very expensive and handsome white limited edition Bape G-Shock watch that caught the eye of many of his fans.

TAG Heuer

The TAG Heuer watch brand is popular among many celebrities and have been spotted on the wrists of such well known figures as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tiger Woods, Matt Damon, and President Obama. Since these watches are known for their style, comfort, and reliability it really isn’t surprising these watches are favored by many of the rich and famous. Brad Pitt has also been seen wearing a TAG Heuer watch on occasion although he tends to prefer his Patek Phillippe watch to all others.

Of course while many celebrities have one or two preferred watch brands, they can often be seen wearing a number of different brands of watches depending on the occasion. Then of course, celebrities are often required to wear certain brand of watches as part of their wardrobes for movies or television shows, because watch manufacturers know that once a celebrity is seen wearing one of their watches, hundreds if not thousands of fans will want to own and wear watch just like their favorite musician or star.

However, it is nice to see that the rich and famous do have some brand loyalty and many choose their exclusive watches because they are functional and reliable as well as well stylish.


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