A beginner’s guide to running to and from work

Running jacket

Between working, home management and commuting, it can be difficult to find the time (or energy) to actually fit in a workout.

Running to work is a great way to not only get your exercise in, but also outsmart rush hour, avoid crowded public transport, save money and feel energized for the day. But with all the benefits, arriving to the office sweaty, out of breath and – if the weather is bad – potentially drenched, doesn’t sound like a great start.

If you want to try run commuting yourself, here are our tips for what to wear.

What to wear when running to work

As with any running, you need the right gear to ensure you’re comfortable and supported.

Running shoes

Running in an old pair of trainers that aren’t fit for purpose will do nothing for your joints or feet. It’s important to get yourself a great pair of running shoes with support and cushioning – especially if you’re hoping to make run commuting part of your everyday routine. Running on roads and pavements can be tough on your ankles, so find a supportive trainer that will prevent injury.

Running jacket

Women’s jackets with pockets, sweat resistance and waterproof functions are pretty hard to come by, but there are plenty of camping or activewear stores that can help you find the perfect choice. It needs to be lightweight, and not too clunky – as you’ll need to be able to hang it up at work, too!

A Running Pack

If you are running to work, you’ll inevitably need to pack a few bits for when you arrive. Getting a proper running pack will minimize the amount of bounce you experience while running, and will evenly spread the weight of any baggage you’re carrying.

Some workplaces will have room for you to store a change of clothes at the office (or a week’s worth if you don’t want to have to take something every day), but if not, lookout for a pack with around a 20L capacity.

Run Commuting Tips

No showers at work: Run home

If your workplace doesn’t provide showers or anywhere to hang your running gear during the day, run home instead. That way you can be sweat-free throughout the day and shower when you get home. Use public transport to get to work, and run back. You’ll save money on half the commute and can get in a good workout before even getting home. Plus, you won’t have to wear creased and crumpled workwear all day.

Commute is too long: Run half the way

Some people have a huge commute where it just isn’t possible to run the whole way. And to that we say, run part of the way! If you can run to the train station, rather than get the bus, do that. Or, get off a few stops before and run the rest of the journey.

What to pack: Keep these items at work

Keep baby wipes, smart shoes, underwear and deodorant at work to make your running pack that little bit lighter.

Good luck!