Pick perfect diamond ear stud for your spouse


Is your next anniversary approaching? If yes, you can plan a big surprise for your wife by purchasing diamond ear stud. Who will not love to complement the attire with beautiful diamond jewelry and your wife is not an exception for this. If pocket is full of money to plan big surprise for your husband diamond studs would be the best choice. They are in fact affordable diamond jewelry that you can buy for your husband. Now, the question is how to buy right fit for your spouse. Here are some tips.

Diamond ear stud are the precious gift that one can give to their man. Whether it engagement or anniversary, this stud stand as perfect choice to express your love towards. Men are not good at selecting jewelry because they are not aware of designs available and will be confused to pick one form the wide range available.

Remember, irrespective of the type of diamond jewelry you are picking for your man, the four C’s namely color, clarity, carat and cut plays a key role in its price. You should concentrate on these aspects while you pick ear studs for you wife to make the gift pocket friendly.

Unlike other jewelry, ear stud are close to face. They play a key role in bringing required elegance to face. Both men and Women love to wear them if they have plenty of sparkle. The diamond ear stud you choose should have good clarity along with the quality while leaving wide range of choice.

While it comes to diamond cut, round brilliant remains the top choice for many because it maximizes sparkle and fire of the diamond. The next option that is available to you is princess cut and this cut could be perfect choice for the one who want to have good sparkle but stay unique. If your choice to enjoy an unusual look to studs, you have number of options like diamond shape. Pear shaped stud earrings, oval shapes or even tiny heart shaped diamonds.

All the diamond jewelry is set on different metals like silver, gold and platinum. If you can move a step ahead and spend some good deal of money to surprise your husband , prefer to choose the diamond stud set of platinum over gold because it makes the diamond look stunning. The color of platinum enhances the appearance of the diamond.

However, there is no need for you to limit yourself to white diamonds. There are wide range of colors available like yellow, black and many more. With the change in trends, the demands for color gemstones have greatly increased during recent times. If you are confused about their looks, you can visit number of online stores that are offering them at affordable prices. Not everybody can afford to set the gemstones on gold and platinum. Understanding the budget constraints of the customers, few stores are offer sliver diamond ear studs too. You can easily gift wonderful ear studs to your wife without crossing your limits.