5 Tips for Wearing Seersucker


Seersucker is unarguably one of the favorite fabrics that are worn in summer seasons. It’s a fabric structure with a crinkled texture that facilitates adequate air circulation. This helps the wearer to stay cool in hot weather. The light fabric comes in solid colors, plaid, polka dots apart from striped patterns. It is suitable for casual and formal occasions and often worn by both genders. Most people have been wearing their seersucker fabric the wrong way. Here are some tips for wearing it in this era without appearing old-fashioned.

1.   Choose the right size

It’s imperative to wear the right size, especially if it’s a suit. The one that you choose shouldn’t be too big or too tight for your body. Ensure that it’s appropriate for your body type and stick to your body measurements when you are shopping online or visiting a traditional store. A skilled tailor can help you to alter the suit to perfection without ruining the fabric.

2.   Pair seersucker with other fabrics

The breathable fabric is used for making shirts, dresses, shorts and as details on other clothes. The material has evolved past the level of using it to make suits only. It may be difficult to achieve a trendy look if you wear an outfit made entirely from this material to a wedding, birthday or any summer event. The best thing is to pair it with other natural or synthetic fabrics. For instance, you can decide to wear your seersucker pant with a white T-shirt or navy polo. Matching a seersucker jacket with shorts or jeans will look cool too.

3.   Opt for cool colors

Seersucker fabrics with blue and white stripes have been worn for decades. It comes in various pastels and hues. Try to go for other nice colors like pink, gray, yellow or green. The bottom line is to go with a pattern and color that looks great on you.

4.   Buy fabrics from trusted suppliers

There are lots of ecommerce stores online that offer different types of fabrics. You need to confirm that a store is reputable before making any purchase. One way to handle this is to ask for a free sample of any type of material. This will help you to determine whether it’s what you really want. Other approaches include checking reliable online reviews and asking for recommendations from trusted people. It goes without saying that the best seersucker fabrics are usually made of 100% cotton.

5.   Proper maintenance is crucial

It’s imperative to understand how to care of your fabric so that it will last for an extended period of time. The material gets wrinkled easily and it doesn’t really need ironing. Bleaching can cause discoloration of some seersucker fabric. Consider dry cleaning when you’re wearing it for the first time. Check the label for additional instructions regarding washing.

Using the right accessories with the material can add more charm to your outfit. The fabric only need a few matching accessories whether you’re wearing a suit or mixing it with other fabrics.