Introduce a new beauty tool to your makeup regime

beauty tool to your makeup regime

You are rapid to seek up the tint for your juicy lips or introduce a beauty tool to your regimen, however, you have stayed loyal to your makeup products, for good. The time has arrived to get free of your foundation brushed and beauty blenders, since there’s whole new makeup tool that will entirely transform your life. Not if life but face at least. Here we have gathered the silicone sponge, though it’s a bit weird nevertheless we make sure it’s worth spending money on

Knowing the shelf life of the silicone sponge

Since they are precisely designed that they do not give room to bacteria build up, they are more likely to last longer. Make sure you religiously clean your makeup sponge by using an ordinary soup and water.

As anyone who dislikes makeup fingers and messy sponges, the case it seems to be simple to clean is another royalty

Every now and then my makeup and base gets complete with any kind of tool only when I have it done by the professional makeup expert

On the other hand it’s about going to work or a party night out, my makeup often ends up spoiled in the very old fashioned way

Unless I came across to the original beauty blender wholesale that is best for applying and spreading liquid blushers, and yet let you go through a finger free routine

According to a professional makeup professional in New York Moani Lee, glams up several celebrities, and earned a marketing edge across the industry. As with the multiple aspects, there are for and against to take advantage of the silicone makeup sponges as original beauty blender wholesale

Lee emphasizes that silicone makeup sponges are very easy to get dirt off and a quick remedy during travel

The insights from the top beauty professionals

A number of beauty experts also suggest that the difference among sponges matters, the way it is quickly cleaned is an evidence that no bacteria is left with in the pores of the sponge

The original beauty blenders have earned a spice of reputation for being easy to clean while a bit hard to use as a blending tool.

Lee however, suggests that silicone sponges often don’t give up the even tone that you can get with original sponges beauty blenders or smoothly with bare hands. However, on the other hand a professional artist Dia, explains; there was particularly a learning phase from initiating with fingers, and now using a silicone sponge

Mixing up makeup usually takes a bit longer with the new introduce sponges, well one still struggles to get the foundation look flawless and completely toned in the specific areas of eyes and nose.

Since with a number of original beauty blender as compared to the silicone makeup sponges, comparison is mostly based on the priorities

Answering many questions, such as long term use of a products and a less maintenance, easy cleaning is more important, or having a flawless makeup application is more important. So forth your priorities are you are now well acknowledged of the diversity of the beauty blenders so you can make wise decision about what suits best your particular needs