The Business of Being Blessed: Holy Communion Dresses


Receiving First Holy Communion is an incredibly important time in a young person’s faith. It marks the time where a child actively chooses the Body of Christ and is a memorable time both for them and for their family. Part of the beauty of the day is in the dress chosen for the event. Working with a designer to find the perfect Holy Communion Dress can ensure the day goes beautifully and smoothly.

The Meaning behind the Dress

Some believe that our souls become the bride of Christ during First Holy Communion. During this time, a special covenant is formed with God. Choosing and designing a bespoke Holy Communion dress helps confirm this relationship. In the past, girls would choose a white, modest dress to signify their innocence and purity in the eyes of God. It is for this special event that the best Holy Communion dresses in Birmingham must be found.

Dress Code Rules

When it comes to choosing and designing a dress, keep the following unspoken rules in mind:

  • Choose an age appropriate dress – do not distract your child with the outfit
  • Minimise accessories – overuse of embellishment can be seen as attention seeking
  • A below the knee dress is most modest
  • A jacket or cardigan is suggested both for comfort and for modesty purposes
  • A veil is optional, but adds a beautiful, pure piece to the dress

No matter which style you choose, be sure to stay modest and respectful. Additionally, some churches set forth their own specifications for dress. It is best to check with the priest performing the ceremony to guide you in your choices.