Candle Wedding Centerpiece Ideas to Choose From


A dinner wedding entails illumination and candles solve this challenge instantly.  It not only provides the needed light during the ceremony as well as wedding reception, but it also provides the romantic and whimsical ambience that a wedding wants to achieve.  Thus, the following paragraphs enumerate various candle wedding centerpiece ideas a bridal couple planning the wedding of their dreams can choose from

Making use of champagne glasses and candles is one candle wedding centerpiece idea the couple can decide on.  One needs champagne glasses of various sizes and shapes, candles in the color motif, bits of tulle and some glitter for added drama.  One needs to fill up the glasses with colored water and place candles inside it.  Use five different glasses of various shapes and sizes and arrange them on the table to give a dramatic effect.  Place the tulle around the glasses and sprinkle a little bit of glitter for added effect.

Another candle wedding centerpiece to give consideration to is making use of candles and flowers.  Materials needed are tall candles in various heights, round mirrors, flowers, and some greenery.  Just place the mirror on the middle of the table then arrange a few candles with varying heights on it.  The candles should be placed close together then arrange the greenery in the spaces between the candles.  The flowers should be added around the candles.  A wonderful glow will be given off by the candles when lighted and reflected beautifully in the mirrors that will provide the romantic ambience.

The couple could also opt for an elegant kind of candle wedding centrepiece by making use of tapered candles in varying sizes, flower petals, confetti, and candlesticks.  A minimum of six candles is needed for the desired effect.  Place candles in candlesticks then arrange six of these in the center of the table.  Then, just scatter fashionably the flower petals and confetti around the bases of the candlesticks.  This provides the romantic feel of the event.  What with the lighted candles and flower petals strewn all over the table.

It is best to use candles in the color motif and combine it with a white tablecloth so that the candle wedding centerpieces will not turn tacky or anything distasteful.  However, when the color motif consists of three color palettes then it is best to choose one of these colors and use this as the color of the candles.  The couple could just use the added confetti or petals in the other color motif but the candles should be uniformed in all the tables.