5 Ways to Afford Your Dream Wedding

Most people have an idea of their dream wedding in their heads. For some, it germinates from when they were a child (although the chances of getting *NSYNC to perform these days are probably pretty remote) while for others, it’s a ceremony filled with symbolism for the bride and groom.

What often prevents the dream wedding happening in its entirety is finances. Funding a wedding is a very expensive business, especially if you want an unbeatable location, great food, a stunning dress, and brilliant entertainment.

You might, therefore, think that, short of winning the lottery, your dream wedding is unachievable. Well, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be! There are several ways in which you can find or raise the money needed to make the best day of your life live up to even the loftiest of expectations.

Here are five ways to afford your dream wedding.

Get a second job

If you want to be able to afford your dream wedding – really, really want to be able to afford it – then there is no substitute for hard work to increase your income. You might not be able to earn more money through your 9-5, but you can certainly do so if you are willing to take on a second job.

A second job – or ‘side hustle’ as they are affectionately becoming known – isn’t as uncommon as you might think. In fact, a report last year suggested that 37 percent of Americans have a side hustle which helps to top up their income.

There are plenty of second jobs that you can take on to boost your wedding fund. Working in a bar a few evenings a week or at the weekend, offering your babysitting services or even working as a pizza delivery driver can help. They might not be the most glamorous of jobs, but will you really care when your wedding is that much better because you were willing to put in the hard work in the run-up?

Alternatively, you might be able to use your existing skills away from the workplace. If you are a copywriter, then you could take on additional freelance writing jobs of a weekend to boost your income.

Whatever second job you decide to take, ensure that the wages from it are going straight into your wedding fund. There’s no point delivering food around dodgy neighborhoods to fund your dream wedding if you then end up spending the money earned elsewhere.

Cut back on expenses

How much money do you think you waste per month on luxuries that you could live without? Earning more money increases the funds available to you and spending less will also do the same – and it’s surprisingly easy to find areas in which you can scrimp.

Pay $9.99 per month to use Spotify Premium? Cancel it and try listening to music on YouTube instead. Got a Netflix account? Get rid and go back to the 2000s by making do with television. Forking out for an expensive gym membership just to use a running machine? Try running around your local park for free.

None of these might sound like big savings, but if you cut back on everything that you don’t actually need in your life, then you will soon find yourself saving a pretty significant amount of money per month.

Change your habits

How much unnecessary spending is hard-wired into you purely out of habit? You’d be surprised. If you start every day with the same coffee from the same coffee shop, then surveys suggest you are forking out in the region of $20 per week on a drink you could make for significantly less in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Or how about your lunch? One survey suggested that American’s spend an average of $3,000 per year buying lunch out. If you always visit that sandwich bar just down the street from the office for one of the nation’s favorite sandwiches without a second thought, then you are quite literally eating away money that could be saved just by taking five minutes to make your lunch at home.

These aren’t unnecessary expenses in the same way that Spotify or Netflix is – we’re just so used to living off coffee and lunch out that we don’t realize how much money we could save by changing our habits. That’s money that could be put towards the dream wedding.

Take out a loan

Earning more and spending less can get you a long way when it comes to saving for your wedding, but if you want it to be truly special, then you can also consider taking out a loan. It’s a day that will (hopefully) only happen once in your lifetime and borrowing money to make it exactly how you want it is therefore justified.

You just need to be sure you have the means to pay it back as the last thing you want is to be starting married life with a high debt hanging over your head. While banks are still wary about who they lend to; loans are easier to secure than you might think – especially if you opt for one that is based on income and has no credit check. For more information on this type of loan, click to read on.

Do as much for the wedding as you can on your own

The chances are that the big, expensive things that you want for your wedding are those that you can’t do for yourself. We’re talking the dress, the venue, the entertainment. Unless you’re a seamstress, own a beautiful house in the countryside or play in a really good band, those are areas you are going to have to fork out on.

You can divert more money to those though by taking on the lesser jobs yourself. By making your own invitations and designing your own decorations, you can knock a significant amount of expenditure off and use it instead for the stuff that really does make a dream wedding.

Being thrifty in some areas which won’t have a detrimental effect on the day – who cares about the invitations, after all – can allow you to spend big on the items and moments that will be truly remembered.


The Positives of Having an Event Planner

Event planning is all about having your wedding or any D-day to be perfect and just as you have dreamt about all your life. Event planning becomes a necessity in the current times where there is an immense competition about status, competitions about how the event guests feel about the same. Here are some of the positives about having an event planner plan your wedding or any prime event at your side:

  • Budget

Party planner is all about having a proper plan and schedule of things, there’s almost no scope of wasting money on things you don’t need. But if you were to arrange the event without any proper plan, you will end up wasting money at places you have no intention in.

  • Services

As an individual, you might not know about a lot of things that happen in the party. But as an event management company, the group of talented individuals know exactly what all must be covered, from the scratch, to finally give the final D-day event.

  • Timeline

If you were to start doing everything on your own, you will probably fail immensely at sticking to the timeline that you have thought for yourself. But if you were to go for an event coordinator to do things for you, there is a huge chance that’s why the tasks will be completely even before the deadline.

All of these services are only possible if you trust a company that has had reputed clients in the past and holds a name for itself in the market. Going for a wrong and not so reputed company will only mean getting yourself in to more losses because there will be many lags and losses, monetarily, at your end.

Why must you choose the company with care?

Firstly, it is once in a lifetime kind of an event. You get to see certain events only once in an entire life journey. Like, wedding, you can experience it only once. The question then arises as to why must you go for a very reputed company? The reason is simple that you would want to have your guests to remember the D-day for a very long time, and for you to have a memorable evening.


Have A Memorable Time at Your Wedding – Choose Cater Tampa

Wedding is a time to remember, rejoice and cherish each and every moment of it. It is absolutely necessary that one should be vigilant enough to make all wedding preparations including deciding on the best catering services well ahead so that they can enjoy the event peacefully. Food is one of the most important parts of special events like wedding and utmost care should be taken to choose over a reliable and professional service that is able to offer best catering services in the best possible manner.

It needs to be understood that not only should be food taste good but it should also be served with great care and attention. Though there are plenty of Wedding Catering Tampa services available in the region of Tampa not all of them turn out to be professional and good to deal with and hence one need to take time to choose the right one that offers good food as well as exceptional service to one and all.

Best and professional catering services

Cater Tampa comes across as one of the best and most professional catering service provider that offers their services to a wide range of events, occasions and scenarios. The caterer not only offers catering services for special occasions like wedding but is also famous for offering Disaster Relief Catering which is widely appreciated in the region. Since they operate in an absolutely sincere and professional manner they have offered disaster relief catering for around 6000 people offering three meals per day. They have also offered such services to government institutions and other such places. They are well equipped to supply food for over 6000 people no matter where the disaster has hit and hence they are garnered wide support in a short span of time.

Make wise choice

If you are looking to have a fantastic kind of event devoid of any stress or tension then it would be best to go with a professional service provider like that of Cater Tampa. They offer wide range of food options and you can choose over the one that suits you best.


How to Make Your Wedding Reception Truly Memorable

A great wedding reception allows everybody to celebrate the marriage of the bride and groom and to send them off on their honeymoon and life together. A memorable reception requires some pretty in-depth planning, but it also involves hiring the right venue and the right people. One way to add instant party mode to any wedding reception is to hire a great DJ.

What a Good DJ Can Do for Your Reception

When you hire a DJ who can provide an affordable wedding reception disco in Kent, you get the following benefits:

  • Experience DJing at many types of receptions for many different kinds of couple, including civil partnerships
  • An immediate lift to any wedding reception
  • The possibility of late night Karaoke fun with other guests
  • A wide range of music
  • The experience necessary to read the mood of the wedding reception crowd and respond with appropriate music

What Makes for a Great Wedding Reception?

Hiring an experienced DJ with attendant lighting, Karaoke machine, and other accessories is a great kick start for any reception. It can really set the mood for a memorable night and allow people to really let their hair down and relax.

Apart from a DJ and disco, the best receptions are also about guests, the beautiful couple, and the food. A great food and drinks spread, along with a knowledgeable DJ playing great music, can really set the mood and provide many hours of memorable celebration and fun.


Capturing the Beauty of Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most memorable, exciting, and beautiful days of your life. Yet, when you get caught up in the moment, it can go by so quickly and leave few real memories. This is why hiring a professional, experienced wedding photographer to capture the big day is so important.

What Kinds of Questions Should I Ask a Photographer Who I Might Hire?

Before hiring photographers, come up with a list of questions that you’d like to ask them. Since this can be overwhelming, you should start by asking the following:

  • Will you be available for my wedding date?
  • Do you work with an additional, or second, photographer to capture all possible moments?
  • What does your pricing look like and what does it include?
  • Is there a payment schedule that I must follow?
  • Do you arrive early to take pictures of me getting ready?

Finding experienced wedding photography in Lancashire should be one of the least stressful experiences of wedding planning. Preparation through asking the right questions can ensure that you find a photographer who provides the services you need and also connects well with you on a personal level.

What Should I Do to Prepare?

To prepare for the big day, and to best help your photographer, you should come up with a list of photos that must be taken. For example, if you want a picture of the groom watching the bride’s entrance, you should indicate that to your photographer. In addition to a list of photos that you want, you should come up with a list of family groups that you’d like a photo of. This might include the bride’s family and the groom’s family as well as a particular friend group. Listing these ahead of time can make your wedding day flow smoothly and ensure that you get all of the pictures you want.


5 Things To Do When Planning A Wedding

Planning your wedding reception is a big deal and while saying those two important words, ‘I do’ are more important, what follows after that huge commitment is another bigger commitment where you have to provide a day to remember for you as a couple, your family and your guests. Planning your wedding reception is a great opportunity to celebrate the big day properly and to have lots of fun. Here are a few things that you need to do to make sure your wedding goes off with a bang.

  1. Entertainment – Are you planning a live band or a disco type thing? The music and general entertainment you put on for the day has a big effect on the wedding atmosphere. Some people consider having a harpist or a guitarist playing during the meal to cover the background noises of people eating and drinking. Make sure whatever you decide that the type of entertainment matches the type of people you are inviting to this event.
  2. Correct Lighting – The lighting, especially if you are the bride, is a very important part of the reception. It sets the tone for the whole wedding and allows you to highlight the things you want people to notice and to spend time looking at. You need the right type of light for a particular room in order to make it appear bigger or to make it appear more comfortable and relaxing.
  3. Provide Comfort – The people you invite to your reception will be of all ages. There will be kids, people the same age as you and elderly people like your grandparents and their friends and you need to have somewhere where they can all relax that is maybe not in the same place as they ate. Maybe a lounge area in the main bar or a totally separate room where they can relax until the reception room is cleared of dinner tables and everyone can return to the band and some music and dancing.
  4. The Best Food – Making sure that you provide the best food should be right up there on your list. Thankfully, many wedding receptions in Sydney are a common thing as it is a very popular city to get married in. Many venues have masses of experience with great menus that your invited guests will talk about many years after the big day. Everyone likes a little bit of food in the evening when the alcohol is flowing, so make sure you provide some finger food for that time also.
  5. Create An Atmosphere – Making your guests comfortable is important and so try to consider them throughout the day. Make sure the parking area is close to the reception area and if it isn’t maybe a few decorated electric golf carts can ferry them there. It all adds atmosphere to the wedding reception and adds a little of you and your partner’s personality to the occasion.

Planning your big day doesn’t have to be difficult and stressful and if you take the advice that has been offered to you then I can assure you of a memorable day for many years to come. Good luck to you both.


This Is Why You Should Use a Professional Photographer

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. It should therefore be captured by a professional photographer with a flair for storytelling. The problem is that lots of people that are organising weddings and engagement parties choose to save a little money by relying on amateurs or family and friends.

Why Your Smartphone Won’t Do the Job

We live in an age where cameras seem to be everywhere, and where smartphone photographers are a reality. The problem is that as good as smartphone images can be, they cannot replace a real, experienced photographer behind a professional piece of equipment.

Here are several reasons why you should invest in a company that specialises in wedding photography and certified engagement shoots in Lancashire:

  • A professional photographer understands lighting and can use their knowledge and experience to adjust their camera settings to capture the best images possible.
  • They understand how to tell a story in visual terms so that you can look back on your day and enjoy it all over again many years later.
  • A professional photographer uses professional camera equipment that results in more stunning images.

Always Remember Your Day

Rather than save some money on using smartphones and cheap digital cameras from the local supermarket, wouldn’t it make more sense to hire a professional that can do your day the justice it truly deserves? After all, a memorable event should be recorded in the best way possible.


Dressing For Your Engagement Photo Shoot

So you’ve just got engaged – congratulations are in order! Agreeing to marry your partner is a big deal and one that should be treated as such. If you’ve just got engaged, then you need to decide how you want to mark the occasion.

One way that has become increasingly popular over the past few years is with an engagement photo shoot. The great thing about these shoots is that they allow you to have some beautiful photos and memories to hold onto. The photos taken can also act as announcement cards, informing your nearest and dearest of your engagement.

When it comes to engagement photo shoots, there are two things that it’s essential you get right. One is picking a reputable photographer, and the other is choosing the perfect outfit and accessories. The last thing you want is to be dressed in an unflattering way in the pictures that you’ll keep forever, so getting your outfit right is crucial.

To help you dress to impress for your shoot, I thought I would share a few tips and ideas below. Take these on board, and you can ensure that your photos are beautiful.

Neutrals are best

For your outfit itself, your best bet is to stick to neutrals. This is because there’s something about neutral colors that don’t age. Meaning that even in 20 years time, your photos will still look beautiful. If you opt to wear a printed outfit, your photos will age quickly.

Choosing to wear neutral pieces allows you to blend into the background of the shots. So that the photographer can focus on the small details, like your Verragio ring design, for example. For beautiful photos, stick to white, cream, gray and beige for your outfit colors.

Add accent accessories

To give your outfit a little pop of color, add a few accent accessories. A bright pair of shoes, a bold hair band or a clutch bag that’s beautifully patterned, are all perfect for livening up your look. If you want to add color to your outfit without it being too bright and bold, opt for accessories in pastel tones. You still get the pop of color, but it’s slightly muted and less bold.

Be careful of your jewelry

The whole point of an engagement shoot is to show off your ring, so it’s important to keep your jewelry to a minimum. To make your engagement ring stand out, avoid wearing any other rings. If you’re going to wear bracelets, opt for designs that are delicate and minimalist. Not things that are large and chunky and will take emphasis away from your ring.

Your necklace, however, can be a little bolder as this is far enough away from your ring not to overpower it. Lastly, make sure that all your jewelry matches your engagement ring in terms of color of metal, else you’ll clash.

Ensure your fiance’s outfit works with yours

Just a little something to be aware of is your husband to be’s look. You need to ensure that whatever he wears, works well with your look. It’s best that he dresses in neutral colors too and goes for a look that’s smart-casual.

If you want to look great in your engagement photos, all you need to do is take these tips on board.


Reasons You Need a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be very exciting, but if you’re the bride to be, then this can also spell disaster. This is because weddings require a lot of details to work on, and this can be very stressful for the bride to handle in the long run. Sure, planning your own wedding can be a relieving experience, but not at the expense of your physical and emotional strength. And this is where you are going to need a wedding planner.

A wedding planner is someone who handles all the tasks that have to be done in an upcoming matrimonial celebration. More than just being an organizer, this individual serves as the main point of contact between the couple and their wedding, and is responsible for making the event exactly as they imagined.

Having a wedding planner present can save your life, especially if you’re starting to feel the jitters of getting married. Among the reasons to hire one include:

  1. There will be someone who will organize every task you need to fulfill. A wedding planner itemizes the chores you have to fulfill for your wedding, from the most important ones to those that can be handled by others. You don’t have to get your hands tied each time you work on a task, as the planner will be the one to supervise the tasks and delegate them to the right persons who can do the job.
  2. You have somebody you can talk to about your wedding without the additional drama. Wedding planners are trained to set up wedding celebrations from start to finish, and at the same time they know how to incorporate their clients’ ideas and use them accordingly. With a planner by your side, you can easily talk out your own ideas and suggestions and see if these would fit into your wedding, as all these will be weighed from a professional perspective.
  3. Your wedding budget will be appropriated properly. Another importance of hiring a wedding planner is that your finances are kept organized. It’s the planner’s responsibility to allot the necessary budget for all expenditures without going overboard.
  4. You have someone to frontline your wedding needs. When preparing for your wedding, you have to contact caterers, the church, the civil office in which you’re going to tie the knot, the wedding baker, gown designer, and as well make reservations for the reception, hotel and even honeymoon accommodations. However, if you have a wedding planner on board, he or she will take care of these responsibilities, so that you can just relax and wait for the big day to come.
  5. Your tasks are kept on schedule. Because of the numerous appointments that you have to attend to in preparation for your wedding, there is the tendency to forget some of them, and this may spell danger. However, with a wedding planner present, you are kept reminded of the important dates that you have to focus on, such as gown fitting, entourage practice, cake tasting, and other wedding necessities without them getting in the way of your other scheduled activities for the day.


The World’s Most Luxurious Wedding Locations

A destination wedding is the ultimate fantasy – imagine getting married on a beautiful beach with the sea breezes in your hair and your closest friends and family around you. The idea is becoming more and more popular these days, as travel has become more affordable, families are more spread out and brides and grooms are looking to go beyond tradition.

While day dreaming about our perfect nuptials, we like to look to the stars for inspiration. For celebrities and the rich and famous, there are many options out there for truly luxurious destination wedding locations. Even though you might be planning a wedding with an entirely different budget, it’s fun to think about these lavish affairs and imagine what they would be like.

The Most Expensive Destination Wedding Venues Around the World

Google co-founder Larry Page married his sweetheart Stanford PhD candidate Lucy Southworth on a private island owned by Sir Richard Branson. “Necker Island”, located in the British Virgin Islands, can actually be reserved for $47,000 per day (with a five day minimum stay) and you can choose from an informal beach wedding or a formal ceremony in the luxurious main lounge. There are also many other islands that are offering private fees for pricey ceremonies, including Turtle Island in Fiji.

Another impressive luxury wedding venue is the Taj Arabia in the glittering metropolis of Dubai. This is a reproduction of the famous Taj Mahal, yet it is four times bigger than the original. It is thought to be the most expensive wedding destination in the world, so it is not for couples who are on a tight budget.

Tips for Planning Your Destination Wedding

If you are planning a destination wedding, here are some tips that will help you to make sure everything works out smoothly:

  • Take your time and choose the right location. Think about how far it is away from your guests, the climate, the time of year, the activities available, the food and the overall feeling.
  • Make sure you figure out what the weather will be like at your destination during the time of year. You don’t want to book a wedding during monsoon season!
  • Make at least one trip to your destination in advance so that you can see it first hand and plan out the wedding.
  • Don’t forget to do your research into the legal local marriage requirements, so that you know what paperwork you need to fill out and what restrictions there are.
  • Get help! Planning a destination wedding can be a lot of work, so it is worth it to get the help of a professional wedding planner.

Let One Heart Wedding Help

When you are planning your destination wedding, let One Heart Wedding help you to plan all of the little details. They are experts in destination weddings and they can help you with all of your planning needs. The experienced team has produced over 14,000 weddings every year in beautiful locations all over the world including Hawaii, Bali and Guam. They are considered the best wedding planner Hong Kong, so trust them to make sure that your destination wedding goes perfectly.