Choose Bridesmaid Dresses According To the Wedding Destination


Bridesmaids have been playing a very crucial role in every woman’s wedding. From looking after the wedding party to keeping the “woman of the day” cheerful all day long, bridesmaids indeed do a lot of work. So, isn’t it your duty to make your bridesmaids (sisters or friends) look ravishing on your d-day? Yes, right? Then find a good designer, and juggle your mind so that you can bring out some amazing designs for bridesmaid dresses.

Are you worried about designing your bridesmaids’ dresses? Worry no more; just think of your wedding destination. Wondering what has a wedding destination to do with bridesmaid dresses? Well, it definitely has a connection. Will you wear a shimmery short LBD to a formal party or a formal outfit to a pub or disco? No, isn’t it? You won’t wear it because the outfit doesn’t match up with the occasion and the destination. Similarly, you should designer your bridesmaids’ outfit as per the occasion and the destination.

Ways to choose designer bridesmaid dresses as per wedding destination:

  • For beach wedding destination:In case you are planning to get married in a beachside area, then it will better if you design bridesmaid dresses that have a vibrant color, and is fabricated using a light and comfy material such as airy chiffon. Always try to opt for short hemlines because they’ll make sand and water a non-issue. And, if you want your bridesmaids to wear long flowy dresses, then you can pick flowy skirts that they can wear with sand-friendly sandals. Don’t forget to go for halter or strapless necklines, so that the bridesmaids don’t feel uncomfortable under the sun. Last but not the least; choose a very vibrant color such as canary yellows, watery blues or papaya pinks. You can also go for neon colors, but don’t forget the bridesmaids must look photogenic.
  • Normal church wedding:Now this doesn’t call for a serious session with your designer. In a church wedding, you can ask your designer to make any kind of dresses for the bridesmaids that have a ‘formal’ touch to it. In the case of church weddings, you can always go for long dresses that are flowy. Choose pastel colors such as peach, mauve, maroon, pale blue or any other soft color.
  • For hill-station weddings:Hill-station weddings are bound to be chilled, isn’t it? Therefore, you must choose dresses for your bridesmaids smartly. You should strike down strapless and thin strapped dresses from your list and instead, opt for dresses that have full sleeves. If you are thinking that full-sleeved dresses would make your ladies look boring, then you are wrong. Ask your designer to make sleeves using a lacy material or net material; you can also ask him to add some tiny embellishments all over the sleeves to make the bridesmaids dress look hot and happening. Prefer colors such as navy blue, marsala or dark grey. If you still feel that the idea of designing full-sleeved bridesmaid dresses is very boring, then what you can do is ask the designer to make a pencil cut short dress with a blazer (blazer’s color should be well-contrasted with the dress color). The blazer–look is undoubtedly going to make them look sober and sophisticated.

These were the three most common wedding destinations. However, if your wedding destination is very eccentric, then it will be best if you consult your designer about it. Finding a designer is not difficult, but finding a ‘good’ and ‘talented’ designer is quite difficult. So, make sure you choose a right designer who is creative enough to design quirky yet sober bridesmaid dresses, and versatile enough to understand the ideas you are giving him. But, if you have less time in hand then it will be wise if you purchase readymade dresses from any reputed designer shop or online.