Goa’s Hidden Tropical Paradise

I have always thought of Goa as this never-ending beach party with its old colonial heritage providing a backdrop. Then someone introduced me to a few videos about its inland attractions and one place that I found alluring was Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. Tucked in the Western Ghats, this forested wonderland is worlds apart from the shacks and clubs of Baga and I decided to rope in some friends for an impromptu road trip. After all, the best things are never planned!

We landed in the capital Panaji on a Friday afternoon and figuring out the route to the Sanctuary was pretty easy. I am not yet a confident driver and my friends aren’t exactly Marco Polos when it comes to finding out new routes so we decided to save our energy and opt for chauffeured transport instead. You can easily book a cheap and licensed taxi service in Goa, and that is exactly what we did.

A Picturesque Journey

If I were to describe each detail of the journey I would have to draft a novella rather than a blog. To keep it brief I can say that it’s not often you see such a dramatic visual change over such a short distance. The base camp for Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is Valpoi village and it is just 60 kms from Panaji. We left the charming city with its mix of heritage and modern buildings behind and headed east into the pristine jungle. Valpoi itself is a nondescript town but we managed to find a guest house there. There were three of us and the lodging was comfortable enough for anyone who is not fussy and just wants a clean, comfortable space.

Mhadei Sanctuary Attractions

The Sanctuary is named after the Mhadei river and it is the lifeline of this part of Goa. Many waterfalls and streams in the jungles eventually flow into this waterway and I even ran into some international kayakers in Valpoi – they had heard about the rapids here and were quite curious.

The gang decided that the first day should be dedicated to white water rafting. A local guide was available and we headed into the fringes of the sanctuary. We could hear the gushing waters before we even saw the banks. I may be mistaken, but we were on one of the tributaries of the Mhadei and the water was considered to be negotiable by inexperienced paddlers like me. It was already the month of July so the day was oscillating between stifling sunny weather and cool rains. There was a short downpour before we decided to strap ourselves to the raft, put on our game faces and hold on to dear life.

Okay – so maybe I got a little dramatic towards the end there – the whitewater rafting experience was really fun, exhilarating and safe. With informed instructors and an obedient lot like my group, everything went perfectly. My friend who carries his camera with him wherever he goes managed to get some spectacular shots of the surrounding greenery and the crashing rapids. I’m not much of a shutterbug but I assure you this place will make you want to go crazy on Instagram with its stunning scenery.

Post the short but intense rafting experience, we decided to stick to firm ground and hike around the rugged terrain. Goa’s hills aren’t very high but there are some steep trails. With a guide, we decided to look for some good vantage points to see as much as possible.

There is a lot of wildlife in Mhadei Sanctuary and this place is being considered as an addition to India’s Project Tiger list. Our guide assured us that the trails we were taking were safe – as much as I love the big cat I did not want to encounter one. The hike was short and we found a small hill-top that gave us more amazing views. My photographer friend went about clicking furiously while I just breathed in the fresh air and gazed at the horizons.

We spotted a few faces in the canopy – I think they were langurs. Then our guide pointed us to a distance at one of the clearings and we could see some deer idling away. Observing the deer, I figured there was no predator around – they were looking rather relaxed. Our guide told us that Mhadei Sanctuary had its share of snakes and that researchers do pop up looking to study king cobras and pit vipers. I saw a couple of harmless ones flitting about the brush as we retraced our steps back to civilization. At least, that is what our wonderful guide told us.

Our short weekend was over in no time but not before we tried some of the Goan dishes in Valpoi. On our return journey, we were quite exhausted and decided to use the same cab service. The best way to travel around these destinations is to choose local services. Rent a safe car with an experienced driver in Goa so you can devote all your energy on the fun activities and the beautiful sights.

I am certainly heading back to Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary soon. This time I will be more prepared – maybe carry binoculars with me to sight the rare birds and improve my cardio health so I can go for the longer treks. It is certainly a hidden treasure of Goa and I would recommend this escapade to anyone who loves new, undisturbed destinations.


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5 Ways to Afford Your Dream Wedding

Most people have an idea of their dream wedding in their heads. For some, it germinates from when they were a child (although the chances of getting *NSYNC to perform these days are probably pretty remote) while for others, it’s a ceremony filled with symbolism for the bride and groom.

What often prevents the dream wedding happening in its entirety is finances. Funding a wedding is a very expensive business, especially if you want an unbeatable location, great food, a stunning dress, and brilliant entertainment.

You might, therefore, think that, short of winning the lottery, your dream wedding is unachievable. Well, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be! There are several ways in which you can find or raise the money needed to make the best day of your life live up to even the loftiest of expectations.

Here are five ways to afford your dream wedding.

Get a second job

If you want to be able to afford your dream wedding – really, really want to be able to afford it – then there is no substitute for hard work to increase your income. You might not be able to earn more money through your 9-5, but you can certainly do so if you are willing to take on a second job.

A second job – or ‘side hustle’ as they are affectionately becoming known – isn’t as uncommon as you might think. In fact, a report last year suggested that 37 percent of Americans have a side hustle which helps to top up their income.

There are plenty of second jobs that you can take on to boost your wedding fund. Working in a bar a few evenings a week or at the weekend, offering your babysitting services or even working as a pizza delivery driver can help. They might not be the most glamorous of jobs, but will you really care when your wedding is that much better because you were willing to put in the hard work in the run-up?

Alternatively, you might be able to use your existing skills away from the workplace. If you are a copywriter, then you could take on additional freelance writing jobs of a weekend to boost your income.

Whatever second job you decide to take, ensure that the wages from it are going straight into your wedding fund. There’s no point delivering food around dodgy neighborhoods to fund your dream wedding if you then end up spending the money earned elsewhere.

Cut back on expenses

How much money do you think you waste per month on luxuries that you could live without? Earning more money increases the funds available to you and spending less will also do the same – and it’s surprisingly easy to find areas in which you can scrimp.

Pay $9.99 per month to use Spotify Premium? Cancel it and try listening to music on YouTube instead. Got a Netflix account? Get rid and go back to the 2000s by making do with television. Forking out for an expensive gym membership just to use a running machine? Try running around your local park for free.

None of these might sound like big savings, but if you cut back on everything that you don’t actually need in your life, then you will soon find yourself saving a pretty significant amount of money per month.

Change your habits

How much unnecessary spending is hard-wired into you purely out of habit? You’d be surprised. If you start every day with the same coffee from the same coffee shop, then surveys suggest you are forking out in the region of $20 per week on a drink you could make for significantly less in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Or how about your lunch? One survey suggested that American’s spend an average of $3,000 per year buying lunch out. If you always visit that sandwich bar just down the street from the office for one of the nation’s favorite sandwiches without a second thought, then you are quite literally eating away money that could be saved just by taking five minutes to make your lunch at home.

These aren’t unnecessary expenses in the same way that Spotify or Netflix is – we’re just so used to living off coffee and lunch out that we don’t realize how much money we could save by changing our habits. That’s money that could be put towards the dream wedding.

Take out a loan

Earning more and spending less can get you a long way when it comes to saving for your wedding, but if you want it to be truly special, then you can also consider taking out a loan. It’s a day that will (hopefully) only happen once in your lifetime and borrowing money to make it exactly how you want it is therefore justified.

You just need to be sure you have the means to pay it back as the last thing you want is to be starting married life with a high debt hanging over your head. While banks are still wary about who they lend to; loans are easier to secure than you might think – especially if you opt for one that is based on income and has no credit check. For more information on this type of loan, click to read on.

Do as much for the wedding as you can on your own

The chances are that the big, expensive things that you want for your wedding are those that you can’t do for yourself. We’re talking the dress, the venue, the entertainment. Unless you’re a seamstress, own a beautiful house in the countryside or play in a really good band, those are areas you are going to have to fork out on.

You can divert more money to those though by taking on the lesser jobs yourself. By making your own invitations and designing your own decorations, you can knock a significant amount of expenditure off and use it instead for the stuff that really does make a dream wedding.

Being thrifty in some areas which won’t have a detrimental effect on the day – who cares about the invitations, after all – can allow you to spend big on the items and moments that will be truly remembered.

Health & Beauty

How to Ease Anxiety at Night?

For what reason does it occur during the evening?

Tension is an ordinary human feeling described by sentiments of anxiety and stress. You may wind up encountering uneasiness amid upsetting circumstances, for example, a first date or prospective employee meeting.

A standout amongst the most well-known occasions when individuals experience tension is around evening time. Numerous clinical preliminaries have discovered that lack of sleep can be a trigger for tension. Truly, inquire about additionally proposes nervousness issue is related to decreased rest quality. To improve your rest you can take Tramadol and can buy Tramadol online USA.

Treating your evening time tension and tending to your rest issues are vital strides in improving your personal satisfaction. And issues can easily relieve with the help of Xanax and can buy Xanax online USA.

Side effects

There are numerous side effects of tension. Everybody encounters nervousness in an unexpected way. Side effects can happen whenever of the day, morning, or night. Basic indications of uneasiness include:

  • sentiments of anxiety, fretfulness, or stress
  • inconvenience concentrating
  • inconvenience nodding off or staying unconscious
  • gastrointestinal issues
  • Another manifestation an individual with nervousness may likewise encounter is a fit of anxiety. A fit of anxiety is a scene of outrageous and extreme dread, regularly joined by physical signs. The regular side effects of a fit of anxiety include:
  • a feeling of looming fate
  • expanded pulse and chest torments
  • shortness of breath and throat snugness
  • perspiring, chills, and hot flashes
  • unsteadiness or dizziness
  • a sentiment of separation, or like nothing is genuine

These symptoms can easily relieve with the help of Xanax and can buy Xanax online USA.

At times, you may even wake up from a nighttime fit of anxiety. Nighttime (evening time) alarm assaults have similar signs and side effects of normal fits of anxiety, just they happen while you’re snoozing.

On the off chance that you experience a nighttime fit of anxiety, it might be difficult to quiet down and fall back sleeping.


Remember that it can require investment to locate the correct treatment approach for your tension. Along these lines, you and your specialist may utilize a wide range of treatment choices.

Treat hidden conditions

There are some ailments that can cause side effects of uneasiness. They include:

  • coronary illness
  • hyperthyroidism
  • diabetes
  • constant torment
  • crabby gut disorder
  • certain cerebrum tumors

On the off chance that any of these conditions are causing your evening nervousness, your specialist will need to treat them first.


There are numerous types of psychotherapy that can treat tension. A standout amongst the most settled strategies is intellectual social treatment (CBT). CBT is a type of psychotherapy that supports changing your idea examples to improve your conduct and inclination.


By and large, treating nervousness requires a double methodology. Both psychotherapy and drug might be utilized related to creating the best outcomes.

The way of life tips

Here is some way of life tips that may enable you to unwind and facilitate your nervousness around evening time:


Contemplation is the act of care. Proof proposes that even one session of contemplation can be gainful in lessening your tension. Considerably more, advantages might be seen long haul.

Pondering just before you tuck in for the night can be an extraordinary method to turn down the evening uneasiness. And nervousness can easily relieve with the help of Tramadol and can buy Tramadol online USA from Cheap Xanax Online pharmacy.


Best Offbeat weekend getaways around Bangalore

While the hustle and bustle of the Bangalore City can get to you throughout the week, there are several places for the people of the city to unwind at during the weekends. Apart from the famous and regular outskirts of Bangalore, there are some unexplored places that are worth a visit. There are also several resorts around Bangalore that are great to stay at during your getaway. Here is a list of interesting off-beat places for you to visit around the city:

  1. Gandikota

This small village lies on the banks of the Penna river and is the perfect place if you are looking to experience an Indian version of the Grand Canyon. With a huge fort built with red stones and bordered by rocky and deep gorges, this place is perfect for an old age ruralised postcard. Situated just 280 kms from Bangalore, you can reach this place in 5.5 hours by car. You can explore the viewpoint of the Gandikota fort and gorge and visit the Ranganatha Swamy temple and Madhavaraya Temple while you are here. Some of the best places to stay at in Gandikota overnight are Royal County and Ziara Hotel.

2. Gudibanda

Looking for an unexplored place for a day out with your family? Look no more. The Gudibanda town is known for its magnificent fort that is an ideal place to visit if you are looking for a day’s picnic. The fort is 400 years old and is an interesting site by itself to visit. You can also walk at the banks of the lake that welcomes you to the city. It is only 78 kms from the city of Bangalore and takes an hour to get there. There is no place to stay over here and is ideal for a days’ trip only.

3. Manchinbele Dam

This is no ordinary dam. If you are a nature lover, the Manchinbele Dam has a lot to offer you. Rocky boulders surrounded by dense deciduous forests and serene backwaters gives you the perfect place to unwind amongst nature away from the concrete jungle of Bangalore. Situated at the foothills of Savandurga, only 36 kms away from the city, this place is an ideal place to visit for a one-day getaway. You can trek on the hilly tracks, swim in the backwaters or simply unwind in the serenity of nature over here.

4. Kunti Betta

This hillock range is popularly known for trekking and rock climbing. It is an absolute treat for adventurists and is one of the few off-beat places around Bangalore where you can do a night trek. Kunti Betta oversees the Pandavapura settlement and is only 130 km from the city. Whil there are no places to stay overnight at Kunti Betta, adventure and nature clubs do offer camping and night trek options that are truly one of a kind.

5. Doddamakali

Also known as “birds paradise”, Doddamakali is an absolute delight for nature lovers. It is surrounded by beautiful landscapes where you can experience nature camping. It is located near the Cauvery river, which is only 115 km away from Banglore and takes about 2.5 hours to reach. Its tranquillity clubbed with rugged topography makes it one of the most popular place among many for offbeat places around Bangalore. You can indulge in many activities such as trekking, fishing, angling, camping and coracle rides during your visit here. The Doddamakali nature camp is one of the most preferred stays in the area.

6. Galibore

If you are looking for a perfect getaway amongst nature, Galibore is the ideal weekend retreat for you. Located on the banks of the Cauvery river, this place is known for its nature camps and fishing camps. Trekking and fishing here are popular activities for those who visit. It is only 102 km from Bangalore and takes about 2 hours to reach. Galibore Nature Camp is the preferred choice amongst the few accommodations available at this place.

7. Devanahalli

If you are looking to explore some historical traditions of the region, Devanahalli is the place for you. It is a small fort that is located closeby to the garden city of India and takes only an hour by road to reach. You can visit the Devanahalli fort and the Venugopalaswamy temple while you are there. However, recent times have seen changes as the area is undergoing vast urbanization for business parks, IT parks and more. There are no stay options available here, however, you can stay in one of the many outskirt resorts in Bangalore.


Why TomTop Is Best Online Store Than Others

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Why prefer Tomtop?

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How to use coupon code?

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  • At first, you need to find a code which suits your purchase
  • Then visit and start browsing
  • Add your desired items to your cart
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  • Now you will be directed to the new page
  • Check your products and you can add or remove an item to your cart
  • In the required field, enter your coupon code
  • Then click on apply to view your new total with your savings
  • Enter the bill and shipping information to complete your purchase
  • You will get a payment option to choose one based on your interest
Men's Fashion

Thermals for Men

Thermal wear is an absolute requirement for insulation at freezing temperatures. However, it is difficult to know where to start when trying to find the best part to cope with a cold. There are many options – overwhelming the only fabric option is straightforward. There are people who like to use wool (especially known as the Merino wool), and some people can’t imagine anything other than silk. Some have recently gone a long way, choosing low-cost synthetic materials that are simple to maintain and durable. Of course, if you are in a cold weather as well as a trip, choose a more expensive option and warm it up throughout the winter.

There are the various types of Thermals for Men are available as below

Double-Layer Thermal Pant:

For those looking for a limited budget for a cold holiday, this is a perfect choice-or just a few pairs to spend a cold winter. This spandex and polyester blend is designed with a drawstring and a 360-degree stretch. In other words, even if you wear snow like a snowcap, you stay alive and live. Antibacterial fabric prevents odors. On the other hand, moisture absorption technology makes it warm and sweaty. Regardless of the activity you do, flat seams prevent skin sores and labels without irritation or itching. You do not want to wear these solos in the cold. Because they are not very windproof. For long legs, these may have a slightly longer short side.

Cotton Super Cold Weather Legging

Surprisingly, they are made of 100% soft cotton, but this does not reduce their incredible thermal performance, it absorbs any drop of sweat, even on the coldest days can do. These tights fit the skin instead of fully compressed tights (I also like ribbed cuffs for extra warmth). In addition to stain-retaining technology, that promotes spills, durable fabrics are also treated with antimicrobial technology, so odors do not build up over long-term use.

Expedition-weight leggings

These expedition weight leggings are made from 100% merino wool. Washable with a washing machine and dry, but still made of true heavyweight (400 g / m 2) super soft fabrics; adventurers can stay warm even in cold weather. Whether you are running, hunting, climbing, or snowboarding, these keep you warm (but don’t overheat), and the flat seams prevent heavy wear when you move. Ribs on the cuffs also help keep warm. In addition, the built-in UPF 50 is ideal for those who can still sip a lot of sunlight through the impact lamp. When it comes to sweat, merino wool absorbs moisture naturally, so you can use these tights for some high-octane adventures.

Fleece Compression Long Johns

Durable, easy to clean, warm tops and stockings. One of those alternatives is wool. This fleece thermal wear has soft fibers like silk and four-direction stretch compression. At the same time, they are dry and the material prevents the odor from attaching to the fibers even between moderate levels of skiing, so it is fresh even after several days of wearing.


Top 5 Places in and around Bangalore for Corporate team outing

Planning your next corporate team outing? Whether you’re looking for a place to have a quiet dinner at or a place you can indulge in fantastic adventure sports, places in and around Bangalore cater to all kinds of occasions. Some of the best resorts in Bangalore cater to such corporate team outings specifically curating activities that they know you will enjoy. Corporate outings are somewhat of a necessity given how stressful corporate life can get. Team outings also serve as an outlet for pent up frustration and give people a chance to connect with co-workers outside of a work environment.

Let’s jump in and take a look at 5 of the best places to have your next team outing at –

  1. Kabbal Durga

80 km from Bangalore, Kabbal Durga has a special surprise in store for you. Popular for the temple and the fort, Kabbal Durga offers night treks that allow you to enjoy the most beautiful sunrise you will ever lay your eyes on, view historic ruins at the fort as well as take part in activities during trekking. Set amidst huge rocks and stony slopes, Kabbal Durga is a sight to behold. You can also indulge in a little bit of rock climbing.

  1. Kodachadri

Another escape from the concrete jungle, Kodachadri is situated at an altitude of 1343 metres above sea level. Overlooking the Western Ghats, Kodachadri offers beautiful sunrises and sunsets to behold if you are into that kind of thing. Apart from the usual trekking and rock climbing, mountaineering and night trekking are also made available to corporate teams.

  1. Chikamagalur

275 km from Bangalore, Chikmagalur is supposedly the most beautiful place you will ever see in the Western Ghats. Seeing as how far it is, there are several resorts around Bangalore that are close enough to Chikamagalur to cut down on your trip hours. Apart from the activities planned by the resort you end up staying in, Chikamagalur has a lot to offer on its own. Green, lush forests, trees covered with moss, beautiful waterfalls and pure air make Chikamagalur heaven on earth. Ideal for trekking or hiking, you can go up to the highest peak in South India which is at 1919 metres.

  1. Nandi Hills

A popular destination for corporate team outings in Bangalore, Nandi Hills are surrounded by a series of mountains. Known for the beautiful sunrise, Nandi Hills also offers a bunch of activities that you can take up as a team. In fact, it is ideal for camping, trekking and hiking along with the usual sports activities.

  1. Manchinbele Dam

45 km from Bangalore, you will find Manchinbele Dam which is an ideal place for adventure and fun. Activities such as River Crossing on the lakeside coupled with kayaking, raft building, swimming, archery and nature walk are all part of the reason why people flock to this place. Several forests nearby appeal to explorers making it an extremely fun place to be in.

There are several other places in Bangalore itself that you can visit as a team that includes the Bannerghatta National Park, Cubbon Park, Tipu Sultan’s palace and even the Lal Bagh Botanical Garden if you are interested in either history or nature or both. These places in Bangalore are easy to reach and are excellent choices if you only have a day for the outing. Apart from this, you can also opt to go for a walking tour and experience the different cuisines or get a taste of the rural life or enjoy the several microbreweries that have popped up in Bangalore.


Goa in the summers: The coolest hang-outs and nature spots

India’s favorite beach holiday destination, Goa is no more just a party hub to celebrate the Sunburn Music Fest or New Year Galas. With its fine beaches, scenic landscape, and mouthwatering cuisine, this Konkan state offers everything under the sun for every traveler, all year round. Busting all myths about not being a place for summer holidays’, we bring you the best things you can do in Goa, even when the mercury continues to rise.

First of all, fix your stay and travel options

Summers on the coast are hot and sultry, but you can expect relatively cooler evenings and nights, supported by the sea breeze. If you are booking a hotel or a homestay, make sure you are on the beach, so you can make the most of the fresh air in the morning and evenings. Also, if you have plans to travel during the day, hire a cheap car from a trusted vendor in Goa so you can skip the walking in the mid-day sun.

Explore the natural environments

When the sun is overhead but you don’t want to stay indoors, silently watching the sea from your hotel room, head to the greener and cooler alcoves that are spread across different pockets of Goa.

Butterfly Beach

A tiny enclave of golden sands, thick coconut groves, and clusters of bamboo and casuarina, this is an uninhabited beach off the Palolem Beach in South Goa and one of Goa’s best-kept secrets. You can hire a motor boat or rent a kayak and row down to this cove-like area. In cooler weathers, there are chances of spotting dolphins, but summers are equally inviting with the most magnificent sunset that you will ever see. And the best part? Since this is far away from the touristy places, it remains mostly empty, cleaner, and cooler than the populated beaches.

Devil’s Canyon

Sitting in one corner of the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is the mysteriously silent zone of Devil’s Canyon. This is a gorge formed on the rocky plateaus by the Mandovi River. The canyon area is surrounded by lush greenery, and the water here remains cool all year round. You can take an early morning trek through the sanctuary and end up here. Have a swim, ride a kayak, or simply have a small picnic in the soulful solitude.

Chorao Island

Book a dependable cab with a good driver from Panjim and head to the Chorao Island, 5 Km northward of the city. This is an ancient Portuguese settlement on the Mandovi River. You can take your car on the ferry ride from Ribander to the island. The town is replete with old churches and temples, dating back to the 16th century. The most prominent one is the revered church of St. Bartholomew. This Catholic Church was built in 1569 and still reflects its Neo-Roman architectural style with carved spires and pillars.

Drive down the country roads

If you are not inclined towards history, then be in the present day of Chorao, because even today, in the peak of the 21st century, the villages on this island look like a picture postcard. Once you get down from the ferry, take a walk down the earthen paths or take a long drive down the palm-lined roads. The colorful brick and mud houses with tiled roofs, interspersed with white-washed churches, look perfect against the background of sun-kissed greenery.

Hangout at unique joints

While beach-side shacks and popular cocktail bars are the most attractive things here, they mostly remain crowded. If you want a comfortable evening out, then here are a few unique places to head to. With soulful food and a warm ambiance, these places make for a perfect respite on a hot summer day or night.

Joe’s River Cove, Salcette

A traditional family-run eatery in the heart of South Goa, this cozy place serves home-style meals in a garden seating. Enjoy the best village experience in a rustic setting and traditional recipes like stuffed mushrooms, prawn curries and vegetable rolls, chicken chilli fry, and more.

Fisherman’s Wharf, Cavalossim

If you are in the mood for a luxurious meal with the finest seafood fare, then there isn’t a better place than this restaurant on the Mandovi River. A highly rated, popular restaurant, Fisherman’s Wharf offers a taste of Goa’s multi-cultural cuisine along with river views, candlelight, and live music accompanied by the most authentic recipes.

Nostalgia, Raia

Want to know how Goa was in its erstwhile days? Head to Nostalgia in Raia village. With its dated décor of gingham upholstery, the wood-beamed ceilings, and a bar counter as high as the wall, this place is sure to take you decades back into Goa’s history. You will find a lot of patrons among fresh travelers who all come here to sample the bygone recipes of the land. Enjoy the live music all through the weekend (weekend starts on Thursdays) while you dig into Rissois and Apa-de-Camarao, Ambadeanchem, or the home-made Alle-Belle.

And at the end of all of it, when the night is still young and cool, grab your favorite drink, book, music, or a special someone and spend a few hours on the beach.

Health & Beauty

Learn Exactly How We Made HEMP OIL FOR HAIR


Hemp oil is very transparent which does not have any color it is mainly obtained from different kinds of cannabis plant and it is rich in a number of powerful natural remedies that is capable for strengthening the hair.


The hemp oil for hair contains fatty acids which comprises of the omega like the omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 that is very good in accumulating the hair particles together, it consist of an acid called gamma linolenic that work in hand with proteins to make the on dynamic stages to be strengthen, these kinds of agents also have a special chemical that is released to abstain or prevent the hair from many damages. The plants that the hemp oil is extracted for mostly behave like the natural oil in the human system so therefore the makes it easy for the hair to accept or process it for working.

The hemp oil for hair contains some watery substance called the lipids which combines with the hair and promote moisturization in drying up the hair or losing water content. The hemp oil again contains another natural substance like the vitamin E which trigger the hair particles and promote a very rapid hair growth


The hemp oil helps to protect the hair by producing proteins which in turn wind up with a long jelly like substance called strand and then as soon as some part of the hair goes wrong or gets damaged another lipid substance called the keratin loses away and that’s it, so it is always advisable to be adding or increase the percentage or content of protein to produce protection mechanism across the hair to help prevent it form losing its strength or any disorder.

Hemp oil has a delighting feature which releases a protective layer to the strands within the oil , this condition helps to prevent the hair from getting wet and it makes the hair look more brighter from the appearance, has unique products or remedies for these kinds of unique features.


I do believe that there many procedures and ways that some marketing sites and individuals have gathered on how to apply the hemp oil on the hair, and the simplest of all methods is the direct application on the hair, this can be done by dividing your hair into two divisions or at most four and then proceed by implementing the oil using your fingers, Start by applying the oil form the base of the hair for it have easy and straight circulation into the hair, it should be a circular movement for perfect work, take some tablespoons of oil again and rub it gently over your hair, remember it advisable to this to the scalp so that a better results can be gained have got some perfect implications and quality products as I said earlier for the hair.